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Like a spaceship in midflight the poverty-stricken society watches as to the next step the pandemic will take

By Merkury Rising

THE impact of Covid 19 on the world has brought other alternatives in terms of improvisation.

The effects it has put on human life has been highly strenuous.

Faith, religion and our dilapidated political systems have been constantly weighed down since the birth of the pandemic.

Our cartoon character Covid-One was in The Sunday Express last week in which we simplified the way that we now view news in this newspaper, but also how this character was on YouTune for the first time, and with the promise of more appearances to come.



But the world over is still full of mystery as to the future. By the day but as we pray, and by the night before we go to bed – we seek consolation from the almighty Lord.

While the gamesmanship of politics soldier on it is the general public which is left alone – to worry about the keeping of Covid-vaccine in fridges.

Like a spaceship in midflight the poverty-stricken society watches as to the next step the pandemic will take. The eagle has landed.

The vaccine myth is now a reality.

A number of people has been vaccinated, so as the world is set to get back to normalcy

As television say it all the time, we abide.

Many events have unfolded in the past twelve months. In film, music and arts, politics.


Donald Trump lost when Joe Biden became president. Master KG produced Jerusalema – a viral track.

The whole world has danced to the tune. Some of them now have to pay for it.

As it comforted itself, who knew we would celebrate 2021. As this year unfolds we have also witnessed many unexpected upcomings.

As the world thrives to get back economically, getting back to origins may seem way too far. Many people having lost their jobs and businesses, what is left for us? Nothing

The craftsmanship of mankind is still questionable as to what next it will churn out. Our early scripts have now gone to the coach to put together the Covi-One book. Stay tuned on the Sunday Express.



Merkury Rising is a columnist for Zimbabwe Digital Express and creator of Covi-One cartoon character.


Winter return as Covi-One speaks news on YouTube, and reveals book plan














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