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The Tragedy of the Zimbabwean girl child turning to prostitution: Once daddy’s little girls and mamas pride and joy

According to the statistics, National AIDS Council gathered, 70% of prostitution in Zimbabwe are of young girls under the age of 16 years By Addlyne Hencil Is it peer pressure that our daughters are turning to the streets - and in numbers? Is it the pressure of wearing the latest brands, weaves, and the hope of finding that one rich man to take care of her for life. Are we raising a new generation of lazy girls? Who do we blame when our daughters don’t feel the need to work or study hard or create groups of co-operatives to begin projects such as market gardening, poultry, let alone manufacturing, technologies, innovations and industrials etc? Why are our daughters turning to dating older men for survival? I recently had a call from an anonymous young lady who contacted me for help - she was taken for a weekend trip just outside Harare by her new lover. After spending a great weekend of quality time and early on the Sunday morning he said was driving into town to buy breakfast for them. He never came back. Hours passed and eventually, she figured out that the man was not coming back.

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