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I have been researching for this for quite so long, but all my questions did not get answers

By Bhekani Dube


It hasn’t been a smooth-flowing journey, but when one has a vision you will go extra length to achieve it. As they say Rome wasn’t built in one day, my vision to succeed also is still in motion.

My first album entitled Zhwane hasn’t done great as I wanted it to. But I have higher hopes that it will pick up as I keep marketing it.

I chose to do the second album – Ngiyabuza – while the previous is still on – because I need to share encouraging messages especially to our youth and other people in general. People need to get these messages that are competing in my mind.

As a poet and a writer, I use emotions and circumstances to write.

So as we are living, there are a lot of things happening that need my attention to highlight and warn people about in all walks of life.

My first album was a mixture of love songs and family-building type of poems.


One will ask why am I talking about songs and poems at the same time?

My type of music is poetic. I was inspired by the legend that is Mzwakhe Mbuli – his style of portraying poems along with lyrics made me realise that it’s possible to reach people out there – in a mixture of text and speech.

My music is different from Mzwakhe Mbuli’s though. My own music has different genres more specially designed for the continent as a whole.

You will realise as you listen to it that – in both of my albums – I touch the word Africa many times because my messages are for Africa as a whole and I am a proud African.

Now, back to my newly released album. Ngiyabuza consists of eleven tracks. Amongst those eleven I included two that don’t have poems at all.

That is the first track that is a prayer for peace, and track number 10 that is just for fun for those who love to dance. It is a house or Amapiano genre.



My poems along with the lyrics are having a touching element that will remind many of those old days where the likes of Lovemore Majaivana and the likes of Hugh Masekela used to sing.

The album is entitled Ngiyabuza (I’m asking) on which I am asking our forefathers of our identity as the Ndebele tribe.

We have a lot of mixed-up history which isn’t accurate.

We have a lot of surnames that have no trace of their origins. In this song am asking them who were they?

I have been researching for this for quite so long, but all my questions did not get answers.

As one living in South Africa, I tried to ask from the historians coming from KwaZulu-Natal, or whether they have another version of history which when put in comparison with the one we know – doesn’t match.

There are a lot of questions that I ask in each and every track – and you will not be able to engage the album unless you listen to the questions.

I also included one entitled “Lalelani” (listen) which speaks about the Covid-19 pandemic.

You will realise that in my previous album, I also touched Corona in another angle, but this time a straightforward message.



I urge all my followers out there of all ages to buy this album, it is a must-have for it contains powerful vibes one wouldn’t want to miss.

I worked with the same crew that I used in my first album, except for the inclusion of two gospel artists who are Ndimizonke who did two tracks in the album.

Tee Lee (Tryphine) worked with me in the entire album except for a few songs that have no female vocals.

Lastly I would like to thank my cousin, Mzanywa Big5 known in Rhumba music, who played the guitars in a way that surprised me as well.

For his touch made the whole project a wonderful one. Ephraim Mamabolo (Mckgola) my engineer who even played the keyboard in a wonderful way that left my project an amazing staff.




Bhekani Dube the Poet is a correspondent for Zimbabwe Digital News. He writes in his personal capacity. Dube the poet on +27786038069/+27626513392. Facebook: Bhekani M Dube. Twitter handle: Bhekani Dube the poet. email: bhekani.bhekzin1@gmail.com





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