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Mbuya Nehanda monument is OK. Let’s also discuss how to bring back her skull from the British Museum

I strongly feel that there are some misguided malcontents in our very midst who want to tarnish the country's image By Terrence Mwedzi It is heartening and refreshing to note that Zimbabwe joined the rest of Africa in celebrating the Africa Day on Tuesday-the same day when the Mbuya Nehanda statue was unveiled in Harare CBD at the intersections of Samora Machel Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way. It was a momentous occasion indeed and many people will agree with me. It is an open secret that Africa Day means a lot to us because it is the day we all celebrate Pan-Africanism, African solidarity, and Unity In Diversity and honour of an organisation that has dedicated itself to securing Africa's rightful place on the World stage to achieve a much-needed better life for all the people of Africa. Folks, this week in The Sunday Express l want to share my views about Mbuya Nehanda's new statue and her crucial history in this fast-growing digital paper. It is known that Mbuya Nehanda was a great liberation heroine but l hate the senseless noise by my fellow countrymen about the Mbuya Nehanda new and beautiful monument. What is wrong with it?

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