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For us Africa is the new frontier. I love trailers and as you can see, we have the flagship stainless steel alcohol carrier on the main picture


By Curry Feng


Hello and good morning to everyone at The Sunday Express. A friend of mine passed on to me a copy of the Digital Sunday Express this week – the soft version – and I was impressed at the diverse news coverage and how it is focussing on important news about the development of Africa and the continent’s people.

I am writing this news article from Lixia District in Jina, China – our headquarters where we have turned the art of manufacturing brand new trucks and trailers to global standards.

We now have many more new customers in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, the DR Congo, Malawi and Tanzania.

Infact apart from the SADC – for us Africa is the new frontier, and I would like to thank this newspaper – Sunday Express to allow us to promote our transport business here, and to build partnerships.

I love trailers and as you can see, we have the flagship stainless steel alcohol carrier on the main picture.

For a start the Shandong Maxway Vehicle Company started truck and semi-trailer business in 2007, factory is located in Liangshan Town, Shandong province.


Our core product vehicle mainly provides bulk cement tank trailer, low bed trailer, extendable semi-trailer, detachable gooseneck trailer, fuel oil tank semi-trailer, bitumen tank trailer, LPG/LNG/CNG tank trailer, flatbed container trailer, skeleton trailer, stake box/cargo/fence trailer, dump and tipping trailer, car carrier semi-trailer, wood/timber transportation trailer and trailer parts.

Also, we have a professional designing team for all your customized requirements.

Our manufacturing plant is well-equipped on all the latest technologies and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production.

Maxway has obtained ISO and CE certificates and all our work is highly recommended by top experts at China Trucks Corporation.

Because of high-quality products and outstanding customer service. Maxway is building a global sales network – and hence we think that partnering with such a media as Sunday Express will allow us to tell the stories of how are trucks are operating on the continent of Africa.


Our products are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world and sold to many countries, such as Singapore, Mexico, the Philippines, Egypt, Congo, Venezuela, Bolivia, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador etc.

But here in China we are the number one supplier.

We have the domestic first-class CNC cutting machine, the automatic welding machine, jointing Machine the automatic welding turning Machine, the wrap tank up the machine, whole vehicle type shot blasting machine, water rotation painting booth, spraying baking booth and other advanced producing equipment.

In the next instalments of this article, I will introduce you to our quality guarantee team and system, modern testing means and top professional technicians.


We have an experienced and technological team to customize the best products for customers according to the demand strictly and will do quality text from the production of each trailer part to the finish of the whole trailer.

Help is always just one call or email, then you can get reply and we will communicate\ analyse and provide the suitable solution promptly.

Also you can submit inquiries and comments on our official website.

So thank you for this week for granting me the space to come to this outlet, and you shall see, here and talk more about the business of transportation with me and Maxway Vehicle as we push to tell the African story of our business.


See you next time.


Curry Feng is Sales manager at Shangdong Maxway Vehicle Manufacturing Company. Contact him at curry@maxwayvehicle.com







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