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Success is never in straight lines. Most people don’t know this. Maya Angelou said that: “There was no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”.


By Aubrey Mavhuli

Last week I write that two out of every three people run away as soon as opportunity comes their way. It is a natural occurrence and a common instinct.

“Writing a book can be a scary”, someone told me the other day. You got to have lots of talent and
be highly educated.

The truth is a little further from such thoughts, in-fact I attest it’s a whole mile further. But that is a myth, and like many other achievements in one’s life, it takes a mindset that doubts every doubt.

Yes, you had me fine, success comes when you doubt your doubts and question some of your beliefs.


Always up for the challenge

I live by a simple rule simply because complexity is not for me. The rule goes: if someone has done
what I think I can’t do the problem is not with the act, it is somewhere around me. If no one has done
what I want to do and I really feel and think I can do it, I can’t wait to be the first. Either way, I am
always up for the challenge.

Writing is not reserved for a select few

To kill the myth: to be a writer is not reserved for a select few. It used to be like that in yonder years,
but then who wants to live in Cecil John Rhode’s time! Shakira said it in her famous song, “This is
time for Africa.” It might as well be yours. Talent is awesome if you have it, but like someone
famously quipped, “It’s overrated.” Its not really the talent that matters. Its a story, just telling it.

Writing and publishing is learnable

So how do ordinary people write books and make money? They learn. Writing and publishing a book
is a learnable skill. If you can read you can write, if you can’t read even you can talk about your book and
get a ghost writer to polish it for you. The thing about excuses is that if you look for them you will
find them but how would that help you?

Here is your chance

If you wanted to do something and you didn’t know how it’s done what would you do? You learn.
“It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that
way.” Ernest Hemingway is famously remembered to have said. The truth could not be further from
the truth. Most amateurs respect talent, but spectacular talent is horned through training, learning
and practice. Here is your chance!



A book can make you money but not in the way you think.

If you are a consultant, entrepreneur, trainer, coach, teacher, or any professional writing a book is
a good thing for you.

Let me tell you why. I gave away my book for free and caught myself a speaking and training gig that paid me twenty times the book value.

A book is a great way to start a profitable relationship – with prospective clients, employers and employees. My book brings me clients that I consult for.

Yes, I even get free lunch with people interviewing me about my books. Recently I got interviewed
by a radio station for my latest book and obtained a client soon afterwards because they heard me
talking on radio.




Success is never in straight lines. Most people don’t know this. Imagine interviewing for a career and
you tell them you have written a book about a certain niche in your profession? A book is a good

Maya Angelou said that “There was no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”.

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