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Of heroes, heroines, statues and who we should nominate as newsmakers of our society

What is a Gamba/Iqhawe (Hero or Heroine) By Akson Potera For the sake of minimising the number of words and many languages usage, I will use the word Hero for both sexes. Hero literally means a brave fighter. But to be precise a hero is someone who is renowned for a particularly helpful or crucial work at the communal, national oriInternational level. Heros may be called icons, legends, or champions. The unfortunate situation is that heroes are accorded such iconic respectful stata after death. I tried to research why heroes are not given or accorded that status during their lifetime ie after a certain period of doing the brave or helpful and recognisable work. No concrete evidence came to the fore. Another issue that my research found is that there are no national set standards that confine one to be a hero. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Hero determination factors are as follows: 1. Politics 2. Culture 3. Religion 4. Sacrificial death (eg Jesus). 5.

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