Mbinga Mobile Network launches in South Africa, offering the cheapest voice and data services on the market

Service will allow users to buy electricity, play lotto, pay DSTV, recharge on the go, send cross-border groceries and transact in the comfort of their homes The Sunday Express Funerals services provider Zororo Phumulani launched South Africa's newest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Johannesburg this week - offering the cheapest data and voice packages in a unique partnership that is backed by giants MTN and Cell C. The Mbinga Network - also called Poket Mobile - made its grand entrance after weeks of trial runs in which it was already rolled out to Zororo Phumulani sales agents and policyholders - and offering a range of services on app - from groceries and airtime to airplane and bus tickets, electricity, a porting facility and service in all South African languages - and also in ChiShona and IsiNdebele. The new app allows users to start and run their own mobile businesses, manage stock and product offerings, juggle with customers, and get more earnings with no hustle – all right from one’s smartphone. Speaking at the launch, former Zororo Phumulani CEO Edwin Kane Anderson - the brainchild behind Mbinga Network - said the launch of the MVNO network would revolutionise data

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