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If you spend time or play with people who always give excuses, you will eventually become like them


By Tinoziwa Shonhiwa

A few months ago l was watching a television programme on our national television channel, ZBC and the issue that was being discussed was one of the most heartbreaking issues in Zimbabwe.

This was about youths who taking very toxic drugs, and some of them are known as Musombodhiya (an illicit brew) and gukha (a chemical smoking drug).

Those drugs are homemade and the ingredients as well as the sources of origin, are not clear. As l went further with the programme, l noticed that the main problem causing many youths to get involved in drugs, is because of the people these youths are spending time or playing with, and that is the “power of association”.

As one of the most influential speakers in America once said, you are 50%, the people you spend time with, l quote. That means you are half of who your peers are.



So that is the power of association, it can make you win or lose, successful or poor in life. The people we allow ourselves to associate with can give us hope or destruction, they can motivate and challenge us to work hard or poison our mindsets with negativities like taking drugs which are not good for our health and future.

So at the end of the day, it is our decision or choice as the young generation of Zimbabwe, to choose what is right because life is about making choices and decisions, and decisions we make today, will make us tomorrow.

So, my advice to all youths of Zimbabwe is to let us all shun the influence of taking drugs as it puts our future at risk. And we should not forget that we as youths, are the future generation and now it is the right time to start preparing ourselves for the future, we will lead.


There is another problem that has grown among us as youths of Zimbabwe, which is a habit of giving excuses always. For example, if you ask a young man, why are you taking drugs? He answers, there are no jobs so how can l handle the stress.

Even this habit of giving excuses is not only for youths taking drugs, non-drugs taking youths to have the same problem.

The associating economic situation, for their unemployment but truly speaking, l deeply believe there are no excuses and only responsibilities to bring a change in our lives as youths of Zimbabwe.

Like what, the famous author, Robert Kiyosaki once wrote, “Excuses are lies we tell ourselves”, l quote.

As far as the habit of excuses is concerned, l have also noticed that the power of association plays a vital role. For instance, if you spend time or play with people who always give excuses, you will eventually become like them.

Also, the opposite is true, if you spend time with influential people that encourage positive thinking even in tough times like those in Zimbabwe, eventually, will you become like them.

For example, myself, when l was growing up especially in primary school, l considered myself dump and dull mentally.


Do you know what was the main reason behind that? It was because of my associates, l was spending time with people who were dump and dull mentally like me. Thank God, when l went to high school, things started changing even people l was now spending time who were now different. They were positive people that encouraged others to think positively and challenging them to do better things in life.

As l conclude, as the young generation of Zimbabwe, we must be careful with the people we associate ourselves with people, they can be good or they can be bad for us. Even the book of Proverbs says, “wisdom comes to those who walk in the path of the righteous”.



Written by: Tinoziva Shonhiwa, the motivational speaker. he writes from Harare. Contact him at _263 78 618 7797



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