The power of association. Spend time with the wise, and let the wisdom become part of you

If you spend time or play with people who always give excuses, you will eventually become like them By Tinoziwa Shonhiwa A few months ago l was watching a television programme on our national television channel, ZBC and the issue that was being discussed was one of the most heartbreaking issues in Zimbabwe. This was about youths who taking very toxic drugs, and some of them are known as Musombodhiya (an illicit brew) and gukha (a chemical smoking drug). Those drugs are homemade and the ingredients as well as the sources of origin, are not clear. As l went further with the programme, l noticed that the main problem causing many youths to get involved in drugs, is because of the people these youths are spending time or playing with, and that is the "power of association". As one of the most influential speakers in America once said, you are 50%, the people you spend time with, l quote. That means you are half of who your peers are. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); So that is the power of association, it can make you win or lose, successful or poor in life.

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