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There is a book in every one of us. Infact, writing a book is easier if you have a plan that fits your downtime

By Aubrey Mavhuli

I met a friend last week. She is super smart wo man and has a bubbly loud voice. She drops more words in a minute than a thesaurus and a canary.

She is an expert in her fields of work. Her employers agree. And in turn they happily reward her for her expertise.

I made a subtle suggestion to her. “Why don’t you write a book?” She looked at me like someone
who had seen a living ghost. For the first time since I have known her, she was at a loss for words. I
must have really hit a nerve.

All the bubbly confidence seemed to disappear in a hurry. It was the kind of awkward moment.

“Me!” She said pointing at herself with all her four right-hand fingers.

The little almost insignificant situation with my friend proved a few things to me.

Most people underrate themselves.

There is a saying that is attributed to Bill Gates: “Most people overestimate what they can do in one
year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” Most people no matter how smart they are,
are terrified of writing a book. Writing a book often seems a mystery. All mysteries are hard.


Without a plan all things are hard

Writing a book is easy if you have a plan that works and fits around your downtime. A book-writing plan takes away your mystery.

One of my own personal mentors Brian Tracy has written 80 books, four of which he normally writes in
a year. My other mentor Bob Bly has written 100 books which goes to show it is very much possible
for you as well.

Challenge yourself

I am publishing a minimum of two books this year, its not a fact but my own challenge to myself. I
am dusting off my own collection of poems and bringing out of the darkness of cupboards and
bringing it to the light. There is no point in trying to write a book. Writers write.


Don’t try commit

Eventually my friend said to me “I will try” to write one. But I was blunt with her: “You won’t. You
see my friend if you say you want to do something and say you will try know this for sure, you
won’t.” There is a great difference between saying you will try and really trying.

Those who really try do not say, they simply commit and do and those who say will try, never try. It is the paradox of life.

Most people overate the process of writing and publishing a book. Ands complicate it with over thinking it.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Writing a book is an experience that teaches you discipline. Discipline is universal for all success.

The discipline learnt in one area of life soon filters to all other areas as well.


Set honourable goals

Set goals that matter in this life, and none is more honourable than a goal to write and publish a

Brian Tracy outlines 4 great reasons why anyone should write a book and I have listed them below:

1. You get to share your message with the world and write about something that’s personally
important to you.

2. You can help others improve their lives and live a more fulfilled life as well.This he calls the
Law of Service.

3. Writing a book is a skill you can master. Law of cause and effect

4. It’s an instant credibility booster that can help further your author-rity in any industry.

In conclusion I can’t help but say writers write doubters doubt. I hope you soon find out who you are.
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Mavhuli is author of Marketing Sense: An entrepreneur’s marketing guide that brings results and chief copywriter and marketing consultant at SuperValueCopy.com.

He is a serial entrepreneur who runs a copywriting and marketing consultancy, solar installations company, an Ecocash shop, and a mixed farm in Gauteng.

He is a motivational speaker and trainer on marketing, copywriting, sales, leadership, and success. Email: aubrey@supervaluecopy.com




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