Their team of undertakers and professional drivers delivers exceptional and respectful services to clients

By Doris Charlie Banda

This week in our business feature of the week we bring to you Claremont Funeral Services  –  a Funeral Service provider establishment run by Desire Muloyiwa and Tawengwa Chikutye as the directors of the company.

Claremont Funeral Services is operating between Zimbabwe and South Africa with the main objective to repatriate human remains from the place of death to the rightful burial place in their countries.

They have branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg with a dedicated team on the ground to assist those in need.

Claremont Funeral Services has been in existence since 2019 with the aim of providing integrity, respect, and everlasting relationship with every client they come across.

The Company has been doing very well since its existence as of present they sit at repatriating more than 20 human remains every week to different places across Zimbabwe as well as across borders from South Africa.


Their team of undertakers and professional drivers delivers exceptional and respectful services to clients.

Claremont Funeral Services uses different types of transportation to offer the best and efficient services to their clients.

They have also joined forces with some South African-based Funeral Service Providers like Rest Assured Funerals, Munetsi Funerals Services, Friends Forever Funnel Services, Tribute Funeral Services, Mavhuna Funeral Services, as well as independent parties.

The company’s South Africa-based sales representative Justice Mungoni based in Cape Town said that his main objective was to assist all those clients in SA and ensure that all protocols are followed to the satisfaction of the families in mourning.

Claremont Funeral Services currently offer different services to their premiums by offering services to corporates and individuals in different packages.

The service ensures South African based clients transportation ror immediate family together with the deceased to Zimbabwe in their modernised transport and a trailer carriage for the remains.


Zimbabwe-based clients transportation for friends and family from the memorial venue to the cemeteries with their different types of transport such as buses, small cars as well as luxury limousine, as well as tents and tables, different types of flowers and personalised water bottling and T-Shirts printing to give your loved ones a deserved send-off.

Amongst their services they also offer removal of human remains from place of death with their coffins, caskets and hearses.

They also have live streaming facilities to stream the send-off of the deceased to allow those who cannot physically attend the funeral due to different reasons such as Covid-19.

Claremont Funeral Services also provide their top-class catering services serving all different types of dishes with choice of the clients. These services are offered both in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“Our Clients have trusted us and always recommend us to when it comes to giving families the peace of mind they need during difficult times,” said Muloyiwa.

They have different covers to their monthly premiums ranging from as little as R100 per month to cover for the entire family including all burial necessities.

Claremont Funeral Services have a partnership with Nhaka Life Company a financial institution that offers funeral cash plans that are very affordable to their clients who need extra cash to use at the funeral and also opt to have services from Claremont.

They also work with EcoSure in ensuring they offer clients the best services and be able to make payments wherever they are.

The company has ultimate goals of expanding globally by reaching out to Zimbabweans in the Diaspora. More news next week

Get more about Claremont Funeral Services, you can reach Muloyiwa at +263 71 636 100 or Mungoni at +27 62 064 3845

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