It Was An Earthquake. Felt Through A Caressing Blindfold

As he dropped dead, I saw no corpse before me, but a four-metre serpent lying dead in front of me By Nhamo Muchagumisa I had literally surrendered Michelle to the mercy of serpents. This I had done because I had found myself in a situation where I had no choice, but still had to make a choice. A good man should keep an eye on his woman, but a real man should fend for his family. I opted to be a real man, who values not much of his pride, especially where life and death stare each other in the eye, and one wishes to postpone the latter's victory. With serpents in mind, yet undeterred by the fear of the harm that they might do, I found myself spending my night in Mr Nyaruvangwe's mansion. He had asked me to play guard as well as a guest at his Raw Woodhouse in Mutare while he and his family went on holiday overseas. "You have to bring your wife with you," the business tycoon had said, his usual kind smile turned on.

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