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The concept of Phantom pain is one aspect that tells us that the relationship between body and mind is more than meets the eye By  Mertha Mo Nyamande A human being is a body, mind, and all that lies in between; the relationships that we term “Spirit, or life-force”. In all life is dualism, but in between lie the essential elements that keep these main components connected and balanced. The “Spirit” holds not only the body and mind of an individual together, but it also bonds and holds together the minds of more than one individual. It also plays a crucial role in the formation of all new life. According to the philosophy of Mind, and echoed by Descartes, the body/mind problem is a complex one, yet so simple at the same time but requires a lot of attention to establishing the right grounding that supports its existence. So, Between the mental mind and the physical body is the relational spirit.

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