Businesses have diversified into dealing in cotton and texture bedroom ware, IT, logistics – and now going places with bikes

By Doris Charliee Banda

“From nothing to something from something to everything and staying humble, a jackal being turned into a lion, a phoenix rising from the ashes that’s how l can describe BNC International.” With these words, our newest entrepreneur Nyasha Shumba sums up the experience of his interaction with BNC International.

Nyasha is a serial entrepreneur based in Cape Town, South Africa who met Mr. M Dongo a few years back.

He said: “When l started I was just a boy who desired to have a meaning and purpose in serving the people, adding value to the common man but l didn’t know how until BNC International and its team showed me the light through businesses and inventiveness”.

Nyasha started his business with almost nothing but today it has grown and he can afford to care for his bills and also create employment opportunities for others and also grow beyond.

He has managed to create three successful businesses respectively with the help of Mr M Dongo and the BNC International team.

Nyasha’s businesses mainly deal in cotton and texture bedroom ware, IT and logistics and all seem to be growing stronger each day because of the desire sparked by BNC International on how he could use his skills in making a difference in the South African economy.



One of the greatest lessons Nyasha has grasped from the BNC International team is that where there is a will – there is a way that has been the DNA of BNC International pioneered by Mr M Dongo who had a vision in him to make the change in the ordinary man.

BNC International does not only teach business – it uncovers and harnesses – anyone’s talent into modern currency money.

Through BNC International Nyasha has learnt skills on how to buy and sell a business with the help of modern-day banks like FNB and has also provided sets of skills on how to manage that business also for sustainable profit and growth.

BNC International has practically enabled Nyasha to build Cape Bikes through their diligent guidance on how to navigate all real-life business situations and how to manage all streams of income effectively.

As of present Cape Bikes owns over 10 bikes involved in different logistics services with an ever continuing and growing portfolio under the guidance of this amazing team.


BNC International has one of the greatest courses in the BNC Academy “Branding” this course has transformed Nyasha and it draws its focus and on how to brand one’s business to be discoverable and unique on the market.

“The BNC International team has made me a super creative entrepreneur and is the most successful one”.

Entrepreneurship is the hardest career out there and without The BNC International team, Nyasha’s businesses were never going to survive the odds of being a successful one.

“Anyone willing to fulfill their dreams all l can say is hop into the BNC Academy and watch your dreams materialise. BNC is creating billionaires in broad daylight all one has to do is to have faith in the BNC International system that it works.

“Hardwork pays off,” Nyasha said.











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