Change is one thing among many that people find hard to succumb to. There will be many forces pulling from different directions


By Tarie Manyonga



When it comes to money matters our mindset matters most. Whether you feeling stuck in debt or your money affairs are in order it all starts with how you view and look at money.

The bible has also put it this way, as a man thinketh, so he becomes.

If you are stuck in debt l have written this article specifically for you to try these three steps which worked for me.

I had a toxic relationship with money and no matter how much money l made, debt used to be running after it all. I am glad l found a solution that worked, which l have named, The Three-step Debt-free process

Step 1 – Unlearn the money beliefs which don’t serve you

We all have different money beliefs and most of them are rooted in us from the way we were raised and the community we grew up in. Some of these money beliefs they don’t even belong to us but the society we grew up in molded them in us. It’s sad reality which many people are living with.


Going through the process of understanding what is it which is causing you to always be borrowing money is the first step to your debt-free life

I found out with me, it had to do with the words of my father and it made me have a bad vibe with money such that the moment l got hold of money, l would quickly want to use it and make it vanish as the way it came in. In return, that would lead me to borrow money to sustain my lifestyle, and that circle just continued.

In understanding those money beliefs, you can now see the ones which are derailing your financial success.

Question those money beliefs if they are serving you or they are milking you. If they are milking you it’s time to let go of them.

You have to unlearn, by telling yourself those money beliefs are not yours, and its now your time to take your power back and start learning the money beliefs which will promote your financial success. Being stuck in debt is not one of them so it has to go.



Step 2 – Embrace the changing process

Change is one thing among many that people find hard to succumb to. There will be many forces pulling from different directions because you are going in a journey you are not used to.

It’s important to always remember that taking two steps forward and one backward is actually better than not trying at all.

Remember, change is not easy but that is the masterpiece you need to embrace for your financial freedom journey

When you have questioned yourself of those money beliefs which you want to unlearn, you can now set new money beliefs which save you and put in all the work to let your mind, spirit, and soul start understanding the new realm you will be operating in.

If maybe you are stuck in debt because of a lack of proper planning, now you have to start understanding the importance of having a plan for your money.

You have to start building that relationship with your money and letting go of all the bad vibes.
I don’t want to lie, this is not going to be easy, you need to be disciplined and stay committed to your financial goals of getting out of debt and actually living a debt-free life.

Turning in your mind is the hard part, but once it’s done the clearing of your debt might not be that difficult because you will now be having a reason why you want to do it.


Step 3 – Relearn new financial habits


The last process is now relearning the new financial habits which won’t make money run away from you.

You need to understand the principles of money and be able to abide by them. Which is living within your means.

This is the most fundamental principle you must know and follow.

Don’t fall into the trap of lifestyle inflation. Understand that having a healthy relationship with your money has long-term benefits.

It might seem like you are missing out, but believe me, you are not missing anything.

Your future self will be proud of you. Let’s always remember that money matters we must be in charge of it

By Tarie Manyonga







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