Embrace change. The three-step process in freeing up your debt mindset

Change is one thing among many that people find hard to succumb to. There will be many forces pulling from different directions By Tarie Manyonga When it comes to money matters our mindset matters most. Whether you feeling stuck in debt or your money affairs are in order it all starts with how you view and look at money. The bible has also put it this way, as a man thinketh, so he becomes. If you are stuck in debt l have written this article specifically for you to try these three steps which worked for me. I had a toxic relationship with money and no matter how much money l made, debt used to be running after it all. I am glad l found a solution that worked, which l have named, The Three-step Debt-free process Step 1 – Unlearn the money beliefs which don’t serve you We all have different money beliefs and most of them are rooted in us from the way we were raised and the community we grew up in.

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