What if I have nothing to say? Would you be reading this article?

By Aubrey Mavhuli

One of the most popular fears out there is the fear of public speaking. The reason being many people fear they may have nothing to say, or they may say the wrong thing and be laughed at.

Interestingly enough some of the best speakers out there often make people laugh, often deliberately so at themselves. They may make themselves the object of their audience’s laughter.

Don’t fear repetition.

The same fear could be attributed to writing a book. Many people fear writing books because they fear having nothing to say. “Repetition is a good thing” says one of my copywriting mentors Michael Katz.

It takes time for people to grasp any concept.

Repetition is the cure. A few concepts repeated over time often drives home a particular point. Repetition may make one a master.

You do not necessarily have to say anything new in a book. Most wheels have been invented. No need for another one but we have never heard your angle or your own interpretation.

The way you see things may help someone. You will never know until you do put down your view into a book.

“Mr Mavhuli your book has challenged me,” said one colleague after reading my book.



Bring in your different angle.

Have you ever read a book and thought a different angle could have made it better? Have you ever watched a movie and didn’t agree with the stages of story progression or even the outcome?

Repeat rearranged knowledge

When I grew up even well before I could read the bible on my own, I knew Psalm 23 and partially by heart. I didn’t grow up in a Christian family but at funerals and often some functions it used to be a popular chapter and verse. Most preachers quoted it without ceasing.

One of my pastors, later on, told me “If you want to be a good preacher stay away from “new so-called revelations” stick with what is generally known.

The minute you come up with this new stuff in your sermons you may be preaching lies.”

Nowhere is this concept of repeating old knowledge as in the pulpit more important than in the writing a book. Repetition brings understanding and understanding changes lives often.


Don’t fear having nothing new to say

As you write your book don’t worry if you have nothing new to say. It may as well be great if you have nothing new to say.

There is nothing wrong if you stick to your old tried and tested knowledge. You may arrange the information differently if you want or you may give your own interpretation of a known issue. Your voice matters in any subject you may be passionate about.

Many people need to hear you

You will be surprised how many people out there are clamouring to hear what you have to say in your book.

One of my own colleagues asked me the other day” where do you get all these statements you say”. I chuckled and said I read a lot, think a lot and express what I have thought. Writing is no different. Many writers read a lot.

Any knowledge can be made into a book

Whatever knowledge you have got, know this. it can be turned into a book. Never fear that you may have nothing to say.

Most people look at a published book and are awed by what arrangements are in there and how well organised a book is.

The process of writing a book is messy, book writing is a process like any other process and a book writing page is like any other workshop the finished product is much cleaner than the processing of it.



Write non-stop edit later.

When I write, I write with no editor’s pen. Writers write and editors edit.

My initial writeup is never as good as the polished edition. I learnt early in my writing life that if you mixed editing with writing nothing will be written.

This does not mean I don’t initially edit my own work I just don’t do it at the same time or on the same day. “There is a time for everything under the sun,” one preacher Solomon once wrote in the Bible.

Join the classes now

So my challenge to you is this, there may be a book in you join the classes and write your own.





Aubrey Mavhuli is author of Success is Do It Yourself. Book your spot in the Sunday Express Online Book writing course today and receive a copy of the book.

Mavhuli is author of Marketing Sense: An entrepreneur’s marketing guide that brings results and chief copywriter and marketing consultant at SuperValueCopy.com.

He is a serial entrepreneur who runs a copywriting and marketing consultancy, solar installations company, an Ecocash shop, and a mixed farm in Gauteng.

He is a motivational speaker and trainer on marketing, copywriting, sales, leadership, and success. Email: aubrey@supervaluecopy.com.





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