Write non-stop. Edit later. But rearrange knowledge if need be. Someone needs it

What if I have nothing to say? Would you be reading this article? By Aubrey Mavhuli One of the most popular fears out there is the fear of public speaking. The reason being many people fear they may have nothing to say, or they may say the wrong thing and be laughed at. Interestingly enough some of the best speakers out there often make people laugh, often deliberately so at themselves. They may make themselves the object of their audience’s laughter. Don’t fear repetition. The same fear could be attributed to writing a book. Many people fear writing books because they fear having nothing to say. “Repetition is a good thing” says one of my copywriting mentors Michael Katz. It takes time for people to grasp any concept. Repetition is the cure. A few concepts repeated over time often drives home a particular point. Repetition may make one a master. You do not necessarily have to say anything new in a book. Most wheels have been invented. No need for another one but we have never heard your angle or your own interpretation. The way you see things may help someone.

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