A Fish Finding Its Way, But It’s A Death Trap Deep In The Water

The little figure - bent towards the murky water - turned out to be a little girl, sitting, one leg unshod, face buried in the palms of her hands By Nhamo Muchagumisa Sergeant Danga had never allowed a shadow of doubt to cross his path whenever he was on a difficult assignment. He had dealt with mysteries that had boggled great minds like a fish finding its way in deep water. Like a footballer set to kick his final ball, he found himself entertaining a sense of emotional involvement with official duty, something that had not happened in his twenty years of service. He did not, however, allow his imagination to take this as a bad sign. He allowed Mrs Nyakare's image to linger in his mind as he led the search party, comprising police officers and volunteers, into the Mutsiyabako Forest.

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