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Rest in Peace Kenneth Kaunda. It is a great honour to share a name, and identity with you

This was a giant of the liberation of Africa and to even start mentioning his political power relationships, and to discuss his relationships with other African leaders would to be ask for more dates and more sorrow By Kenneth Chikanga So this week I battled to understand the meaning of the date -June 17 2021 - date of death of former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda - and only a few answers are coming through. I share a name and identity with him and many times people will ask me who I am - and when I say Kenneth - the name Kenneth Kaunda is, was, and will always be close to many conversations that I have with you. There are many people who I know who are called Kenneth - some of them very important people - but none of them is, was, or will ever be bigger or greater than this Kenneth - Kenneth Kaunda. Since yesterday I watched TV and followed as the news of his death was confirmed and I reached out through my history books and checked for some dates. Kenneth was a living legend and the years of his life were and

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