Just as you need a personal lawyer, doctor or financial advisor, by the same token we can have our own agronomist or livestock expert


By Onward Marumura

When I finally save enough money and when I’m 55 years old, I’ll finally retire and then I will be happy.

Now, this is something that many people out there constantly think about, dream about, wish for and aim to achieve. That is what I also wish for – a retirement where life will be good.

Then the question would be, what happens to the first 2/3 of our life, that could be half of our life.

I believe that retiring happy, that’s a myth.

That is an old-school thing that I tried to do.

I thought to myself that the dream is to retire young and sip on coconuts with little plastic straws hats by the beach.

And I actually tried doing that.



Many years ago I thought to myself, you know what I’m going to sell off a couple of my assets, invest in real estate and from the rental of my properties I’m just going to retire by the beach.

And after six days I got bored and asked myself, is this really what life is all about?

And then I realised that it’s not about retiring because it’s about what is it that we want to do for the rest of our lives that will actually empower us, that will motivate us, to have us have this feeling of contribution to others?

So at the end of the day, rather than thinking about retirement, and retiring happy, think about what is it that you can do right now that makes you happy?

What is it that you can do on a daily basis that will make you fulfilled, that will serve you so that you’re constantly contributing not just to others but also to your own personal growth?

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about being happy in the future but doing something that you love right now.



Why is it that people would like to retire and start farming



So what is it that you love and enjoy about farming that you can do for a lifetime? Would you love to be fully into chickens and in particular if so consider investing in knowledge now.

If you can start a winning farming plan you be able to retire young and built your farming business at a young age.

Farming is a full-time business like any other businesses, it should be started now and built it until it reaches its full capacity.

Remember those who plan they eventually get there.

To get started in the farming business you need a proper agribusiness expert who will work with you from day 1 until the goal is reached.

This is simple if we can afford to have a personal lawyer, doctor or financial advisor, by the same token we can have our own agronomist or livestock expert.

Every decision should be informed and this is only possible under the guidance of experienced personnel.

Till next week. Cheers.

Onward Marumura is the Chief Agribusiness Consultant at Afrostain Farmtech. He is a youthful agricultural mastermind, and writes for The Sunday Express in his personal capacity.









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