History will also tell you that soon after the elections he was invited by ED for Dialogue but he chose to go to court and launch his Jecha strategy

By Lloyd Damba

At long last Nelson Chamisa now wants to meet President Emmerson Mnangagwa face to face for dialogue aimed at whatever he will propose to the head of state of Zimbabwe.

This follows the bold initiative taken by MDC President Douglas Mwonzora last week.

The MDC President has been on record that he is prepared to meet the head of state with no conditions attached.

A very practical and mature man, he followed his words with action.

Going back to Nelson Chamisa, the problem is that he has preconditions to meet ED and one of them is the exclusion of the MDC President Douglas Mwonzora from the Dialogue and ED must not even engage: “The MDC President Sen Douglas Mwonzora and the MDC since they have no real stake in the matter as they had not contested in the disputed 2018 elections”.

This has been reported by the Daily News in an exclusive interview with Nelson Chamisa.

There are three things that Mr Chamisa is missing:

When the MDC Alliance went into the election he had usurped the power of Morgan Tsvangirai as the MDC T President and by that he took the party seat in the Alliance Principal’s Forum.

Secondly the MDC T was a total package in the elections. His deputy President was Senator Mudzuri, his National Chairperson was Senator Komichi, his Secretary-General was Douglas Mwonzora and out of all these strategist – he is the only one who has strayed far from home.

Thirdly the party that he was leading had a Supreme Court Judgement that ruled that he is illegally occupying the position of MDC President. The High Court again ruled that the MDC Alliance is not a single party but a conglomerate of 7 political parties and that the MDC T was the main party and whoever takes over the party leadership becomes the Alliance President.



Last week in their contemptuous plot they attempted to drag the very same ZEC they had bad-mouthed before and vilified; they said if Chamisa comes first to ZEC with the name MDC Alliance he will be saved first.

By so doing they want to paint ZEC as an institution that operates outside the rule of law as they do.

This leads me to my next point. Dialogue is not confined only to people with disputes but to people who are civilized with varied formulas but all want progress.

Mr Chamisa has demanded that he wants to meet the Head of State alone because he contested the 2018 elections. We honestly have no problem with that because he suits very well in POLAD and he can even be the deputy chairperson of that institution.

History tells us that when Simba Makoni contested the Presidency in 2008 along with President Robert Mugabe of Zanu PF and MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube and his MDC Green weighed in.

They made him their Presidential Candidate but he was not their party President.

He garnered 8% of the votes cast but when the time for Dialogue came Welshman Ncube and the MDC Green insisted that those were not Simba Makoni’s votes but of the MDC Green as an institution.

Surely Nelson was a part of the MDC and all its electoral vehicles but he is not above the MDC Constitution and he is not above the MDC Alliance Agreement and surely not above the Supreme Court Judgement but he is bound by it until the end of time.


The Dialogue that Senator Mwonzora seeks is a broad platform that includes the Church, students, traditional leaders, labour and CSOs. These institutions did not contest the Presidency but they are a part of this Country and are affected by the toxic political, economic and social situation in the country and therefore deserve a stake in Dialogue. The MDC President is speaking on behalf of these marginalised groups. Then Nelson Chamisa continues with the exlusionist policy to the same groups.

Mr Chamisa seems to be a man who has no strategy of his own.

When the Transform Zimbabwe President Jacob Ngaruvhume initiated his Gabbage and Clean up Program, Mr Chamisa copied the same strategy.

History will also tell you that when ED initiated his clean-up campaign 2 years ago, Mr Chamisa also copied the same program.

History will also tell you that soon after Elections he was invited by ED for Dialogue but he chose to go to court and launch his Jecha Strategy. In an exclusive vedio Mr Chamisa brags that he traversed land and sea all over Europe in his Sunga one Sunga dozen Jecha Strategy. Literally meaning he applied for sanctions to be applied on Zimbabwe.

Now that The MDC President initiated dialogue and met ED and VP Chiwenga he is quick to disqualify Senator Mwonzora in a very contemptuous manner forgetting that his presidency and all the decisions he made and anything that he did in the name of the MDC and Alliance name were nullified by Justice Edith Mushore in the High Court of Zimbabwe.

The same Edith Mushore whom they were celebrating after she nullified Chief Justice Malaba’s renewed appointment.

Dialogue of such a nature can not be done by individuals but by institutions such as the MDC and all its other forms, in the name of the MDC Alliance now under President Senator Douglas Mwonzora.


Surely we have no problem of Mr Chamisa being part of any dialogue that will take Zimbabwe forward but he must do so without trying to undermine other citizens and institutions who have equal rights just like him.

Trying to say that he is the MDC Alliance President is tantamount to reviewing the High Court and Supreme Court Judgements by politicians in a kangaroo court and its very contemptuous. Which will get him behind bars one day.

Now the agenda I place before the Church, the students, CSO’s, traditional leaders, labour, academics, vendors and the generality of the Zimbabwean peoples whether black, white or coloured.

Should dialogue be confined only to elite individuals so that they have an elite pact or should dialogue be for every Zimbabwean through their many vehicles’ so that Zimbabwe can be part of the family of Nations.


Lloyd Damba is Presidential spokesperson, Movement for Democratic Change.







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