Your story is there to be told. Your book is calling you. So are your dreams. Answer the call

Your book won’t arrive by you simply thinking about it or threatening to write it. Your dream is calling
By Aubrey Mavhuli

“On writing—a matter of exercise. If you work out with weights for fifteen minutes a day over the course of ten years, you’re gonna get muscles. If you write for an hour and a half a day for ten years, you’re gonna turn into a good writer.” —Stephen King, Time (October 6, 1986)

Success is like an iceberg

Success is like an iceberg most people see the protruding part and conclude that’s all there is to it.

Fruit trees as well can be deceptive. Some people see the fruits and do not see the roots and conclude that is all there is to a fruit tree. Below the surface there is roots working hard and stretching far for nutrients and water.


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The journey of a thousand miles starts with commitment

Book writing success is often the same way. […]