Q-Cash Kasese gets added to the news and information community at Digital Sunday Express, and promises to talk directly to the readers

Digital Sunday Express

This week the newspaper met up with Quincy Kasese – yes him of the Q-Cash Empire, the man who has been in and out of the newspaper with the Hogerty Hill Sunshine City promotion that was running in The Sunday Express throughout March and April.

While the potser itself of the upcoming soapie promised nothing less than explosives in authentic Zimbabwean drama, revenge, betrayal and endless suspense, Q-Cash was suddenly added onto one of the television stations that is working with the newspaper – and within moments, you our dear readers and followers – are now talking directly to Q-Cash, and you shall be able to interact with him as we roll out the internet of things on Zim Digital Express.


Not only him, but also many of the other cream of the crop of new age DJs who are part of this ground-breaking radio broadcasting station – and people with new things to say.

It turns out that the comedian, who is never far off from the news, information, events, happenings, action, celebrities and the vibes around town – is also the same voice that you have grown to like and recognise on After5Radio.

After what radio? After 5, yes, the same online radio station that was set up from scratch in 2017 for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to celebrate music, talents and culture, transcending borders and connecting Zimbabweans at home, and worldwide.

After5Radio’s founding principles are listed as creating new networks of artists, listeners, sponsors and advertisers who influence things globally and are invested in Zimbabwe – heavily invested. ​

Also as a lifestyle, talk, and music station After5 focuses on authenticity, creativity and relationships in the art of expression. Watch this space.


The radio is available to listen on:
Android App – After5radio
TuneIn – After5radio
Amazon Alexa Skills – “Alexa,open after five radio”
iLand Music App – https://ilandmusic.com/radio/47
Website – https://www.after5radio.net/
YouTube – After5 Radio
Social media:
Facebook – @after5radio
Instagram – after5radiozim
​Twitter – @after5radio
TikTok – After5Radio






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