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The Sunday Express June20: Tribute Edition to Patriarch of African Freedom: Kenneth Kaunda

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The Sunday Express This week we pay tribute to the founding father of the modern state of Zambia, and a patriarch of African liberation movements - Kenneth Kaunda - following his death at 97 this week. Also in the headlines: 1. How to prepare bankable infrastructure projects 2. One giant step for the Chinese 3. Dealing with trauma and mental health 4. Success is not a secret, find a system that works 5. Politics of Rational Disputation: The Series 6. Your book is calling in 100 days. Answer the call 7. Q-Cash: Fun and laughter on After5Radio 8. Maksure venue Midrand promotion 9. Mentorship, and indepth financial planning 10.

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