The secrets to the Chinhoyi Caves are best explored from Mahuswa Leisure Centre

It is an underwater photographers' paradise down there - where the water is always a contast temperature within 22 to 24 °C and with well-documented high visibility MailOnline Reporter This week the MailOnline newspaper profiles Mahuswa Leisure Centre - a Motex Hospitality Venture at Mzari in Chinhoyi - newly opened, offering the best buffet menu in this part of Zimbabwe, and promising more. But before we explore the menu itself - let's just talk about the tourist attraction that is Chirrorodziva - the Chinhoyi Caves. Mahuswa is just four and a half kilometres from the caves themselves - and infact it is walking distance through the back route. Once you arrive at the leisure centre - we will take you on a guided tour of this - one of Zimbabwe's most secret locations where you can dive deep into the mystic - Pool of the Fallen - and tell your own story afterwards. All you need is the diving equipment and a heart of steel to test the depth of the pool.

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Mahuswa Leisure Cenre is a running a four-week special for all new bookings.

The first three ladies to purchase a braai pack at Mahuswa's newly opened Butchery will get two FREE drinks of their choice from the bar

Bookings essential: +263 719 097 970 or + 263 773 097 970