It is an underwater photographers’ paradise down there – where the water is always a contast temperature within 22 to 24 °C and with well-documented high visibility

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This week the MailOnline newspaper profiles Mahuswa Leisure Centre – a Motex Hospitality Venture at Mzari in Chinhoyi – newly opened, offering the best buffet menu in this part of Zimbabwe, and promising more.

But before we explore the menu itself – let’s just talk about the tourist attraction that is Chirrorodziva – the Chinhoyi Caves.

Mahuswa is just four and a half kilometres from the caves themselves – and infact it is walking distance through the back route. Once you arrive at the leisure centre – we will take you on a guided tour of this – one of Zimbabwe’s most secret locations where you can dive deep into the mystic – Pool of the Fallen – and tell your own story afterwards.

All you need is the diving equipment and a heart of steel to test the depth of the pool. This resort has fascinated daredevil divers from all over the world in recent years – and all of them coming back to the surface with great stories of colour sitings not seen anywhere else in the world.

It is an underwater photographers’ paradise down there – where the water is always a contast temperature within 22 to 24 °C (72 to 75 °F), with well-documented high visibility. Chirorodziva is within reach – just 135 kilometres out of Harare on the copper highway and you’ll experience the mysticism of Makonde district even during these winter months.


There are many stories to tell about Chinhoyi, and if your geography is good, you will engage in discussion of how the roof over this main pool had collapsed into the water below as this system of mountain rock is composed of limestone and dolomite rock, dating back to prehistoric era, and likely a result of earth movements.

Three caves form the main feature, with a remarkable blue water entrance

The main entry point to Chinhoyi Caves is remarkable blue body of water, and to get there, one has to follow a system of rocky paths up and down, all leading to the Dark Cave.

Only divers and artistic people will appreciate this remarkable blue body of water as you explore the three main caves – Bat Cave, Dark Cave and Blind Cave.

The system of rock was first described by the famous hunter/conservationist, Frederick Courtney Selous in 1888, and we know that the local chief, Chief Chinhoyi used the caves as a hide-out from Ndebele raiders from the South.

Today the site lies on the highway between Harare and Chirundu border, on the way to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo and what you are likely to see in Chinhoyi – a popular truck-stock today – is trucks – flatbeds – worming their way up and up north or down south and carrying anything from maize to coal and copper to machinery and fuel.


Authentic Country Life

The exact extent of the depth of the Chinhoyi caves is not known, but anything up to 100 metres is possible.

But before you dive to those depths to explore the lure of this resort, book your stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore some authentic country life at Mahuswa Leisure Centre.

Here you can stay either for the weekend, or the whole week or in fact for the whole month or more. Throughout that period you will have access to the newly opened butchery where you can buy and braai and taste the best of Zimbabwean beef off the bone.

Ribs, brisket, hind-quarter, steak, boerewors – you will be spoiled for choice- whether for your breakfast or lunch.

This week Mahuswa introduced thew gango special, and apart from this hot dish on the menu – take time out to sample a number of chicken dishes, pork dishes and – wait for it – tsuro. Yes, rabbit meat was recently added to the menu, and the guests are loving it.

Yes, rabbit meat of a hit among our guests who have got access to a fully stocked bar and a great feeling in the warm heartland of Makonde.

Special this week. First three ladies to buy the braai pack will receive two free drinks of their choice – in the house

This week Mahuswa Leisure Centre is running a special. The first three ladies to order a braai pack from the butchery will get two free ciders or beverages of their choice.

Bookings essential: +263 719 097 970 or + 263 773 097 970


About Mahuswa Leisure Centre. Mahuswa Leisure Centre is a Motex Hospitality Venture under the McLife Group. Mahuswa Leisure Centre is a network of Zimbabwean hospitality centres operating at Resort centres throughout Zimbabwe. Stay In Touch with the Mahuswa News Service and MailOnline Tourism Watch, and experience the best news and information on the Zimbabwe Tourism Industry.









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