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A human being for a kombi? Ritual killings and gun-related crimes in Zimbabwe now a national crisis

Our society has suddenly become sick to the core. Things are getting out of control with these bizarre murders Terrence Mwedzi The Manica Post newspaper is carrying a fresh and sad story of a six-year-old Early Child Development (ECD) pupil who was killed in Odzi area, and her body was found in an advanced stage of decomposition by a fellow villager who was on his way to water his vegetable garden. And the deceased's private body parts were removed  -which is very very sad. It all points to ritual murder and why else would the private parts be but off? A precious life was lost. It now clear that our country is now taking the wrong and strange route. Where we are going? I urge the law enforcement agencies to work around the clock to tackle the current wave of murder cases in our country Zimbabwe. This has to stop. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The killers should be in jail-and they deserve tough sentences, not light sentences. Since last year young people have been murdered like chickens. What's wrong us.

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