Our society has suddenly become sick to the core. Things are getting out of control with these bizarre murders

Terrence Mwedzi

The Manica Post newspaper is carrying a fresh and sad story of a six-year-old Early Child Development (ECD) pupil who was killed in Odzi area, and her body was found in an advanced stage of decomposition by a fellow villager who was on his way to water his vegetable garden.

And the deceased’s private body parts were removed  -which is very very sad. It all points to ritual murder and why else would the private parts be but off? A precious life was lost.

It now clear that our country is now taking the wrong and strange route. Where we are going? I urge the law enforcement agencies to work around the clock to tackle the current wave of murder cases in our country Zimbabwe.

This has to stop.


The killers should be in jail-and they deserve tough sentences, not light sentences.

Since last year young people have been murdered like chickens. What’s wrong us. Surely, as l pen this crucial and sad piece my heart is bleeding.

It is believed that some people are doing satanic acts to boost their businesses which is evil and un-African. If you want to get rich you must work extra hard – SIMPLE.

l still feel that some murder cases are being swept under the carpet in remote areas. Look at the story of Epworth baby snatcher. If it wasn’t for the alert guard at the entrance, the baby would be gone.

Some people are being killed on a daily bases for ritual purposes – let’s face it, it is now a national crisis. The Zimbabwe community members should continue to work with law enforcement agencies to unravel such stories. The law should be more tougher for murderers and all the associated culprits.

It’s really sad that some people are suffering in silence as a result of losing their children to murderers (mabhinya) in strange ways.

All suspects must be wisely investigated, and people should walk in groups and limit unnecessary movement during the night. Sometimes the murderers take the advantage of the darkness to do their evil acts. Murderers must find no peace. The police need to get the first-hand information.

Let’s work with them.

Furthermore, l think there should be a very good relationship between the police and members of the public/community. In this vein,it is time to work together to contain various crime activities in our modern society.

We need to live in a crime-free society because people are now living in great fear.

Our children are not safe at all.

My appeal to the government is to bring back the death sentence. I feel the time is now ripe. Stiffer penalties are the way to go.

Recently – two grade 1 pupils who went missing in Nyanga last month were discovered murdered and dumped in a disused pit latrine toilet.



Again, last year, the 7-year-old Tapiwa Makore of Murehwa was murdered on the instructions of his uncles Tapiwa Makore(senior) Thanks Makore. The boy buried was buried without his head/skull.

Where is Tapiwa Makore’s head/skull? Because there is no meaningful answers to date – we shall remain asking questions. We need justice. Things are getting out of control with these bizarre murders.

Gun-related crimes

The gun-related crime rate is shooting up daily.

And the violent robbers are now targeting homes, banks, buses etc.

To date,many people have lost millions of US dollars to robbers which is very sad. I encourage people not to put large sums of money at home, it is very dangerous.


A way forward

We need the federal law enforcement approach like;
-handling licensing, inspections, and commerce tracing crime guns.
-Prosecuting crimes committed with guns
-Investigating trafficking, terrorism, and mass violence all the time.
We have to put everything under control.

I also think that many guns are being smuggled into the country from countries like South Africa and Mozambique.

It is time to tackle all crimes.


Terrence Mwedzi is a writer, and poet He writes to the Digital Sunday Express in his personal capacity and can be contacted on: +27611370088. Email: Moontafadzwa@gmail.com




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