Countdown launch to August 1 confirmed, and Jit gets ready to change the face of Zimbabwean television


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This week it was confirmed that Just In Time Television – which was a finalist in the awarding of Zimbabwe’s new broadcasting licences – will now go live on August 1.

This is a momentous occasion – not only for Zimbabwe’s entertainment, news and information space but also for film, productions, music and artistic expression for the entire Zimbabweans in the diaspora community.

This week the Sunday Express is proud to present the professional profile of the founder of JIT and found out that his profile is a story of inspiration throughout the organisations that he leads and has worked with, and the humanitarian and broadcasting work that defines his personality.

Collin Mackenzie worked at the SABC and was an Account Executive for Sales.

He quickly rose to the ranks of General Manager of SABC Entertainment where his role as a general manager included running and looking after the whole operational structure of SABC Africa on the terrestrial platforms and DStv bouquets.

He was instrumental in setting up SABC Entertainment Encore and DTT terrestrial migration.


His roles were to set up platforms, to create an environment that will enable a swift and easy transition from analog to digital.

He was also in charge of setting up of the channel structures from personal to content gathering thus creating a platform that was also used as a syndication model used for other platforms.

Which was later used as a model to create other similar channels consequently growing the content offering of the SABC and introducing stand-alone channels in the form of SABC Kids, Sports, Movies and so on.

Collin then moved to SABC Business Development, where he played an instrumental role in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in positioning and branding the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Feel It” and then later “Feel It It is Here” Tag line, a masterpiece of creative thinking at its best, that become the anthem of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

He was responsible for steering the strategic direction of five key units comprising of International Sales, Radio Sales, New Media Technical Support Merchandising, Funding & Partnerships, which Collin facilitated and clinched the deal between Sun International and the SABC.

Collin’s career spans over 15 years at the public broadcaster, in various departments, including roles within sales, sponsorship and account management of various key clients and stakeholders, Collin has a strong ability to identify partnership’s that drive sales and maximize marketing and revenue opportunities for both clients, corporates and key stakeholders respectively.

In that same year, he was a judge in The Miss SA 2010. As an attribute to his bubbly personality.

Collin later decided to take up the challenge to grow and share information gathered and started his own broadcasting platform creating a community sector in 2012 and was influential in creating the sector organisation called Act-SA which he is currently SG of the organisation that boasts of 14 million viewer and seven community channels under his leadership and guidance.




Currently, Collin is a majority shareholder in Tshwane TV and Gau TV, which both won Golden Promax Awards for 2015 / 2016 year, for being the best black New business TV channel in Southern Africa that is owned, controlled and operated by previously disadvantaged individuals.

His larger-than-life personality allows him to build relationships and deliver results in every project that he drives and he drives with passion.

The most exciting role perhaps has to be, DTT Channel General Manager SABC Entertainment which made history by launching the first South African digital channel in November 2008.

SABC Entertainment was a milestone achievement towards creating a new platform, this carved the way for the SABC digital migration.

Collin spends his free time at home gardening, cooking, going to watching sport or biking.

Collin has a foundation called The Kenzie Foundation that works closely with Gift Of The Givers and has donated close to twenty, 30 tonnes trucks of a combination of food and medical goods to Zimbabwe during the drought seasons and also catered for the centenary of Kutama Mission School

He was instrumental – together with Gift Of The Givers – in sourcing and donating medical and medication to Kutama General Hospital and he feeds over one thousand families weekly in Soweto – South Africa – through a church feeding programme and the Give A Child A Pair Of School Shoes campaign and Give A Girl Child a Sanitary Towel.

Charm and his unquestionable style and love for fashion makes him a good ambassador for any community, society or voluntary organisations.

Collin Peter Mackenzie (AKA) Son of Kenzie – through his commitment to bringing the Miss SA event to the discerning viewers of SABC was a highlight that has not been matched, adding to that of the 2010 world Cup role out plan and marketing strategy and leading the 2010 FIFA World Cup project management team.

Currently Collin is an Executive Director Marketing: Tshwane TV and Gauteng TV and is a shareholder under a holding company called Zallywood, through to ongoing business at AMG, and The Media Box companies.




Collin Peter Mackenzie, AKA “Son of Kenzie” a true legend is his own right is the first President of the old Chaplin students association and his credibility and leadership was seen in his and the Kenzie Foundation restoration of the school pool, commissioned by the then Minister of State in the Midlands province as part of the 90 days New Dispensation projects that saw Collin also upgrade all the roads, drainage and restore the gardens within the school.

A man who many look up to as a community builder who has gone beyond the call of duty to help Zimbabweans in need across the country with yearly food, medication, infrastructure development, sporting kits and equipment, and a host of other goods donations, and services.

Collin is an enthusiastic patriotic Zimbabwean always striving to protect the image of his beloved motherland and that of his Presidency when duty calls.

With his vast knowledge in broadcasting, Collin sits on the advisory committee on policy and regulatory affairs for the Minister of Communications in South Africa and Chairs the Icasa rules of engagement DTT migration framework.

In his not so spare time Collin loves to discuss news and current affairs and is passionate about merging media channels for multiple audiences.




Without looking a-far Collin’s hometown of Gweru see him as their son and an amazing individual who is seen as a role model.

Today Collin is raising one million pairs of shoes in his Africa give a Child A Shoe programme where he is always seeking ways to better Zimbabwe and has been instrumental an very active in the call for the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe to be removed.

He who Seeks Help, Receives help!


JIT TV, hailing from the city of Progress of Zimbabwe, is a contemporary platform aimed at providing high quality  programming that is entertaining, informative and educational with content such as News, Sport, Soapies, Movies, Drama Series, Factual, Documentaries, Life-style, Religion and Kids programming.














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