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The import of achieving this target of 5 million votes squarely rests on our resolve to deliver our 2018 Manifesto Promises to our people

By Munyaradzi Machacha

It is my singular honor and privilege to officiate the graduation ceremony to all of our ZANU PF members who are located in our Party District in the Republic of South Africa.

The Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology would like to congratulate you all for successfully completing our online Basic Orientation Course.

This a fundamental course incapacitating our Party structures and their leadership with critical skills to drive our Party’s agenda of promoting growth, unity and development.

These key components indeed inform our thrust towards socio-economic development and they ensure our permanent existence as a ruling Party within the national and global socio-economic and political space.

Comrades and Friends

Allow me to take this opportunity to recognize the presence of some of our African National Congress revolutionary comrades who participated in our online course and who are equally being conferred with graduation certificates.

As a Party we are grateful by this level of enthusiasm and comradeship displayed by the ANC members.

This further attests to the unwavering commitment towards unity and solidarity with our revolutionary sister Party ANC as we continue to build our fraternal relationship from strength to strength.

Again let me take this opportunity to thank our South African District Executive Member Cde K. Mandaza and all our 34 members for being the first ZANU-PF District outside Zimbabwe to take the initiative of inviting our Ideological school to capacitate you with a Basic Orientation Online Course. You have certainly set the bar high not only for yourselves but for all our Party Districts in the Diaspora.



Resultantly, we are now facilitating to roll out an online course for our UK, Canadian and USA Districts in due course. As a school we want to reach as many people so that we can positively transform the minds and hearts of our people towards our cause of developing Zimbabwe.

Fellow Graduates

Our Party ZANU-PF attaches great value to education as it instills a very important value of ‘self-belief’ and a deep philosophical understanding that for our Nation and Party to grow, one must understand and appreciate his/ her own history and heritage.

Our history as a people can never be separated from our experience with colonization, war of liberation, independence, land reform and the imposition of illegal economic sanctions amongst many others.

Never in our history as a country have we ever pursued a policy of aggression on anyone’s border, but today the Western Powers treat Zimbabwe more harshly than they treated our colonizers who robbed us of 100 years of self-determination.

Zimbabwe’s only crime is of empowering its people through land reform and the crime of defining its economic trajectory on its own terms.

Unfortunately, our opposition political parties and their proxy Non-Governmental Organisations have deliberately chosen to tag along and to amplify the western narrative that deliberately denigrates our collective efforts to equitably distribute our resources and to define our political and economic trajectory that is devoid of interference.

It is in the above light that Chitepo School Ideology becomes an important institution in directly dispelling to false ideas and thoughts.

Our thrust is hinged on our desire to empower our people and create an opportunity to accurately and clearly narrate our national history and heritage.

Comrades, it is through this school that our Nation and Party has managed to clearly define our Socialist ideology with Zimbabwean Characteristics.


Furthermore, being committed to our great cause of the Zimbabwean nation, the school constantly endeavors to nurture a leadership and future generation that is devoted towards upholding our ideology, values and goals as a nation.

As a School our efforts are equally channeled towards fostering a generation of young people capable of shouldering our mission of national rejuvenation and fostering a people with an all-round moral, intellectual and aesthetical grounding with Zimbabwe and our Pan- African cause at heart.

I believe that the revolutionary academic exercise that you went through as you partook in this training has strengthened your confidence in the path and theory, system and culture of our ideological inclination and the new development trajectory that we are chatting as a nation.

Under the leadership of our President and First Secretary of ZANU-PF His Excellency Cde ED Mnangagwa, our country is poised for rapid growth and development that has never been experienced since independence.

This is only possible if we move together as a nation and if we share the same ideological perspective towards the ideal society.

Consequently, our National Development Strategy 1 is not only a development tool of driving Zimbabwe towards an upper middle-income economy by 2030 but it is also an ideological tool that sets out our picture of an ideal society built on socialism with Zimbabwean Characteristics and an ideal society that is characterized by growth, unity and development.

However the new development path that we have chatted has undoubtedly sent shivers down the spine of those who have imposed illegal economic sanctions against us.

This is so because the success of the Second Republic will completely undermine their efforts to weaken our economy and to promote their regime change agenda.

Above all our success will act as a development template to other nations who are discouraged from embarking on a land reform programme for fear of having economic sanctions imposed on them.


Hence as a School it is our revolutionary responsibility to ensure that our people are empowered with the truth and that they remain vigilant.

As we gather our strength to build our Great Nation, the task equally rests upon the shoulders of our diaspora members and structures to play their part in building Zimbabwe.

To date there is a significant portion of the foreign currency reserves that we possess as Zimbabwe is a result of you in the diaspora who send money back home to your beloved ones for various reasons.

As such the critical role being played by the diaspora in our national building agenda deserves special recognition.

Fellow Comrades

As a Party, we have a five million voter strategy thrust for the 2023 harmonised elections. The Diaspora community is therefore very important in ensuring that we achieve this target.

I again urge you to activate your mobilisation systems in South Africa and start mobilising our people towards this cause.

However, let me quickly point out that the import of achieving this target of 5 million votes squarely rests on our resolve to deliver our 2018 Manifesto Promises to our people.

In 2018 our President and First Secretary His Excellency Cde Dr. E.D Mnangagwa and our ZANU PF Party and Government were given a five-year mandate to lead our people towards better livelihoods, infrastructure, and systems of governance.

All of these promises are embedded within our 2018 Party Manifesto.

As a Party, we treat our promises to our people as sacrosanct, and therefore we should continue to find new avenues to achieve these promises for the benefit of our people.

Consequently, I implore you to mobilise our people in the diaspora by sharing the knowledge and skills that you have acquired during your training.

We need to be united with all our people in and outside Zimbabwe.

We cannot develop and become an upper-middle-income economy by 2030 if we are divided as a people and as a Nation.

As you mobilize, tell our people the true Zimbabwean story and experience and that you were not just born in Zimbabwe but Zimbabwe was born in you.

Give them an opportunity to reflect on the efforts that our President and First Secretary has taken to ascertain that Zimbabwe becomes a jewel of Africa and of the world again.



You can be rest assured that ZANU PF and its government are determined to be successful in transforming the lives of every Zimbabwean and to be a critical player in the region’s drive towards socio-economic development.

Finally, let me congratulate all the 34 graduates who will be conferred with certificates from our schools.

These certificates are symbols of patriotism, integrity, and astute intellectual cadres.

Display them with pride and honour as patriotic Zimbabweans.

Once again I say to you Makorokoto! Amhlophe! I Thank You

Munyaradzi Machacha is Principal of the Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology. This is his congratulatory speech at the Graduation of ZANU PF Members in South Africa on 19 June 2021 delivered on his behalf by Kennedy Mandaza, Zanu-PF spokesman for South Africa District.










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