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Father Zimbabwe left us a country to build. Let us not disappoint him


Kennedy Mandaza

It’s now 22 years since the death of Father Zimbabwe Dr. Joshua Nyongolo “Chibwechitedza” Nkomo, one of the founding fathers of Zimbabwe, a hero of the liberation struggle, and man of the people.

The legacy of Dr. Joshua Nkomo lives on up to today. He is a man to whom the unity and peace that Zimbabwe enjoy is accredited to, because he wanted a peaceful and united nation.

While there are many lessons to be learnt from the life of Dr Joshua Nkomo which spanned for 82 years, the love for his people and country, peace and unity comes tops.

He sacrificed the greater part of his adulthood fighting for the independence of Zimbabwe and fulfilling of his dream of achieving a nation.

Furthermore, whenever unity and peace were needed for the furtherance of the people of Zimbabwe’s cause, Dr. Joshua Nkomo was able to sacrifice, compromise and accommodate the views of others but guided by principle.

For Dr Joshua Nkomo peace and unity of Zimbabwe was of utmost importance particularly as ingredients of the development trajectory for a better Zimbabwe.




He understood and demonstrated practically these virtues culminating in the signing of the Unity Accord in 1987, to usher in peace and unity for which he had given everything for.

As we commemorate Dr Joshua Nkomo’s life and legacy, at a time things are looking up in Zimbabwe, we must draw lessons of selflessness, servant leadership, accommodation and compromise, as we seek to consolidate the socio-economic development vision of the country.

The future of Zimbabwe requires many Joshuas, youth, who are ready to selflessly, sacrificial and out of patriotism do all that is humanly possible to help the country realise vision 2030.

As a youth Joshua Nkomo gave his life to the struggle for the liberation of Zimbabwe. He was a staunch nationalist who knew no boundary, region, nor tribe but a Zimbabwe that needed his selfless service for the people of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe that he loved so much.

The challenge now is to us who are living to complete the journey that Dr Joshua Nkomo and other founding fathers, heroes and heroines, started. A journey that requires incorruptible selfless youths who are ready to compromise and accommodate on principle for the good of the generality of Zimbabweans.



This is a passionate plea to fellow citizens, to do the right thing and stop destroying our own country for expediency.

The recovery of Zimbabwe’s economy requires more than political dialogue. It requires men, women and youths who espouse the character and virtues of Dr Joshua Nkomo.

However, there are real issues that require decisive, radical and urgent attention ensure that we achieve Zimbabwe that Dr Joshua Nkomo would have loved to see.

Among these are corruption and selfishness, which are evils that Dr Nkomo would not have wanted.

Because of our egos, we are all complicity to the demise of our economy.

It is time that we understand that the government can do so much, and we as responsible citizens must play our part for the economic recovery of our country.

Father Zimbabwe played his part, and we have a duty to sustain that which they started.

The vision of the current administration is consistent with the vision that Father Zimbabwe had for the country.





He knew that to achieve this vision he needed all hands on the deck and honest hard work from each everyone across the country.

ZANU PF under the leadership of President Mnangagwa has been consistently calling all people to rally behind vision 2030. President Mnangagwa has been resolute on urging people to unite, love each other, contribute selflessly through honest hard work to vision 2030.

There are tangible signs on the ground of hope and economic development in the country. Dr. Joshua Nkomo while he would have loved to see more, the current trajectory elicits a smile of hope.

What is needed now is for youths, who are the current and future leaders, to support ZANU PF, the right foot forward, in its quest to see a middle-income society by 2030.

Dr Joshua Nkomo, “Father Zimbabwe,” “Umafukufuku,” “Chibwechitedza,” uMdala wethu left us a country to build, selflessly and sacrificially for posterity.



Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza is the ZANU PF SA Secretary for Information and Publicity. He writes in his personal capacity and the views shared in this article are his.



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