In memory of Dr Joshua Nkomo, Father Zimbabwe, Umafukufuku, Chibwechitedza, uMdala wethu

Father Zimbabwe left us a country to build. Let us not disappoint him Kennedy Mandaza It's now 22 years since the death of Father Zimbabwe Dr. Joshua Nyongolo "Chibwechitedza" Nkomo, one of the founding fathers of Zimbabwe, a hero of the liberation struggle, and man of the people. The legacy of Dr. Joshua Nkomo lives on up to today. He is a man to whom the unity and peace that Zimbabwe enjoy is accredited to, because he wanted a peaceful and united nation. While there are many lessons to be learnt from the life of Dr Joshua Nkomo which spanned for 82 years, the love for his people and country, peace and unity comes tops. He sacrificed the greater part of his adulthood fighting for the independence of Zimbabwe and fulfilling of his dream of achieving a nation. Furthermore, whenever unity and peace were needed for the furtherance of the people of Zimbabwe's cause, Dr.

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