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The joys of power in Africa, is that we get a front seat to watch as it unfolds


By Trust Sibanda


The situation in South Africa is slowly reaching another level. It is tense and if not properly handled the sentencing and incarceration of Jacob Zuma the former President can turn out to be a regional crisis considering the pivotal role South Africa plays in the region both economically and politically.

The future is not certain if the government goes ahead to detain the old man or if they allow him to go scot-free.

Looking at the issue at hand with an eagle eye the sentencing of JZ was done per book considering that no one is above the law. JZ was contemptuous not only once but several times. I have his lawyers to blame for giving him the impression that he is untouchable.

He undermined the constitution which was once under his custody and failed to lead by example. Had he not got punished he was going to set a wrong precedence as his actions can influence society as some people view him as a role model.

Contrary to popular belief that JZ is being punished for corruption crimes the case at hand has nothing to do with corruption but it is just a minor dosage of the medicine used for people who fail or refuse to cooperate with the law.




The case of JZ was supposed to be avoided if the defense team worked in earnest. The judgment passed could be constitutionally and legally correct but wrong when viewed from the angle of peace and tranquility.

South Africa is now purely divided and fragile. Looking at the age of JZ custodial sentence is not correctional for him. Prison has the potential of taking his life and it must have been avoided at all costs. The State could have opted for a fine but went straight to a stiffer penalty.

Taking him from his homestead they can, but the process is not a smooth one and there is no guarantee that lives will be spared. At this point in time Jacob Zuma is surrounded by a vigilante group that is prepared to go down with him.


He must just be allowed to buy time through appeals as he always does to avoid being in custody and time will solve the crisis as he is not immortal.



A message to all JZ supporters is that they must refrain from defeating the ends of justice. Their selfish misconduct is helping spread the virus as there are not observing all Covid 19 protocols.

As comedic as ever Msholozi as he is popularly known in political circles has begged the Constitutional court to give him an audience thereby playing delaying tactics to push the Sunday deadline backward.

He is ready to speak to the very courts he undermined. He has a loaded bag of tricks.

If tolerated and listened to mark my words no wall of prison will be seen from inside by this former President.

The situation on the ground in South Africa must be an eye-opener to all African leaders. They get so quenched in the luxuries that come with power and forget that the next day tables can turn.

It is time we get leaders who love their country more than power and money. Milking of countries’ resources is very unpatriotic. Presidents must not be allowed to use the country as a business platform.


Positions are not permanent. Greed cannot be something we can invest on. Lack of leadership maturity will land some in jail and force others into exile. The medicine prescribed to King Mswati III of Swaziland by his subjects now can be the only remedy to the sickness that comes with curing the pandemic of poor and unethical leadership.

Taking a closer look at the Monarch of King Swati 3 I see an archaic or hoary type of leadership that is old-fashioned and out dated. How can normal society porn the girl child like that?

The subjects failed to protect their virgin daughters from a King whose appetite for anything in skirts has led him into munching on innocent girls who are not empowered to say ‘NO’.

Society and culture has made them too docile to the point of having their future consumed in the name of ‘iNkosi idla konke’. The riots in Swazi are of citizens who have seen enough who want a democratic government. I hope AU and SADC will see this cause to be genuine the same way they say in fit to put a stop cock on the terror group in



Let power abusers take a leaf from Zimbabwe born after the 2017 political crisis. It scattered once powerful politicians across the globe where they now stay as refugees. This reminds me of people who engineered political terror in 2008 disputed elections and some who were architects of draconian laws that were worse than those crafted by Smith and cabal.

The new millennium in Zimbabwe criminalised gatherings and robbed people of a chance to gather and complain about leadership crisis. The architects of those draconian laws today crave for a free Zimbabwe which they soiled. Power is not permanent and is not renewable so those who have it must know that one day they will wake up without it.

I advocate for African Leaders to come together as they continue to mourn the late former Zambian President and take stock of their role in destroying the continent. They must come up with a code of conduct that must prune some of their powers and also tame their appetite for corrupt tendencies.

It is not sustainable for Heads of States to compete with cash heist syndicates in counting illegal loot.

If Leaders are being arrested for their omissions and commissions it is in the interest of the law and nothing must be taken personally. Africa must not be defined by leadership failure as is the case today.

Rule of law must apply to everyone equally the same. Shoplifters, looters, land barons and all other acts that bring social disorder must be punishable by law. If the law was interpreted well then the cell for JZ is now ready for occupancy. No one must be above the law and the law is not below anyone.


Trust Sibanda is a businessman. He writes in his personal capacity. The views expressed are his own and do not represent the Editorial Policy of Digital Sunday Express.






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