Leaders in Africa are not above the law, but they are not below it either

The joys of power in Africa, is that we get a front seat to watch as it unfolds By Trust Sibanda The situation in South Africa is slowly reaching another level. It is tense and if not properly handled the sentencing and incarceration of Jacob Zuma the former President can turn out to be a regional crisis considering the pivotal role South Africa plays in the region both economically and politically. The future is not certain if the government goes ahead to detain the old man or if they allow him to go scot-free. Looking at the issue at hand with an eagle eye the sentencing of JZ was done per book considering that no one is above the law. JZ was contemptuous not only once but several times. I have his lawyers to blame for giving him the impression that he is untouchable. He undermined the constitution which was once under his custody and failed to lead by example.

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