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She got her lessons from Sell like a Pro and how to build a Global Brand course, Online Marketing, Business Strategies


By Charlie Doris Banda

Merjury Tivafire is a business owner based in Mamelodi Pretoria. She had a full-time job for an exceptionally long time, but she wanted financial freedom and for that reason, she quit her job and decided to venture into network marketing and making it her full-time business.

She realised that it was exceedingly difficult.

Network Marketing required her to interact with people and learn other languages. She also faced rejections amongst many other challenges which triggered her to quit. Just when things seemed to offer no other hope, BNC came to her rescue.

Merjury met Mr M Dongo when she was invited to attend one of BNC events by one of her business partners. And this was the day that her entire life changed.

The one thing she remembers from this event was that she was taught that an entrepreneur is someone who solves problems.



“Some of the abbreviations I would memorise them even in tough moments that was the beginning of a new era for I have a dream to fulfill,” said Merjury.

She started to implement all the strategies from Mr M Dongo.

“The BNC team has made an impact in my personal growth and my business”, she said. Exactly four months later of implementing all strategies, Merjury managed to close a deal of more than R200k and qualified for a company incentive of China trip.

“I couldn’t believe it seeing myself on stage when the company hosted a unique end-of-year rally at Holiday Inn, Johannesburg it was an awesome moment”.

She got her lessons from Sell like a Pro and how to build a Global Brand course, Online Marketing, Business Strategies and Ideas which are found in the BNC Academy.

One of the best training she received was to overcome fear by personally walking on broken glasses at one of the BNC events in Pretoria. “I am who I am today because of these BNC trainings”.




Merjury recently opened her Green World franchise shop that she did not even have an idea of how to run. But with the help and the coaching session she attended, she finally made her dream come true.

Merjury has nothing but praise for the BNC as she always says: “The fact is, Rome was never built in a day, hindering obstacles and stumbling blocks will always be there but you just have to face them for BNC Academy has taught me that “NO Excuse Is valid.”

Thank you, BNC International for the trainings and the help you offer to us as entrepreneurs and for those who will grab it and run the race, it’s not about the how much money you paid but it’s about how you and your business will grow”.

Merjury extended her gratitude  to BNC International founder Mr M Dongo and the crew behind the scenes for the most awesome work they did.

“When I look back, I remember we were taught to be grateful always and for that reason, I will always be grateful for the way BNC International is changing lives not only for people around South Africa, but globally. Keep up the good work.

“The lessons are not worth the price they are charged at but as they are saying that knowledge is power, I want to also add and say, applied knowledge is super power and BNC does not let you only learn but they will hold your hand and grow with you. A milestone in baby’s life is when they learn how to walk BNC International caters for all that. I believe it has been my biggest milestone in my personal growth and in business,” said Merjury.

Thank you once again BNC.

You can contact Mrs Merjury at +27 (0) 78 866 8353.





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