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The issue of the 180 German, Swiss and other nationalities as reported in Moneyweb, and R15 billion in investment


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In other news over 180 German, Swiss, and other international investors with billions of Rands of investment destined for South Africa have briefed an all Zimbabwean legal team lead by Advocate Simba Chitando to challenge the Department of Home Affairs in one of the largest mass litigation cases in South African history.

Mr Leon Isaacson, director of Global Migration, in Court papers in seen by Sunday Express – this week gave compelling legal argument and evidence which proves that investors had experienced over six years in delays by the Department of Home Affairs, for the necessary residence permits to unlock the capital needed by the South African economy, and that South Africa lost up to R15 billion a year because of these delays.

Mr Isaacson told Moneyweb, a leading financial news agency this week that in one case South Africa lost a R1 billion investment in the energy sector because the Department failed to provide the investors with the necessary paperwork.


On 30 June 2021, well after the landmark case was launched, the Department of Home Affairs issued government gazette: GN 398 which states that the Department will only consider permanent residence applications on 1 January 2022, which is an even further delay set to cost South Africa billions in investment.

Advocate Simba Chitando has told the Sunday Express that: “The Department of Home Affairs conduct is inconsistent with the Immigration Act, and that his team have not received opposing papers from the State, but hopes that matter can be resolved expeditiously for the sake of the embattled South African economy at a time when the investment of critical skills is central to a post Covid 19 recovery”.

More legal affairs news next week. Cheers

Advocate Simba Chitando is an Advocate of the South African High Court, and a member of Grayston Chambers. He writes for the newspaper in his personal capacity. The views expressed are his alone, and should not be construed as legal advice. Contact your legal advisor for your own legal matters.



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