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A bright future beckons for Zimbabwe: The Diaspora Perspective

By Tinashe Mukori Since the coming in of the Second Republic ushered in by Operation Restore Legacy in 2017, Zimbabwe has undergone tremendous transitions through a systematic, deliberate introduction and implementation of a raft of reforms under the Transitional Stabilization Programme (TSP) Reforms Agenda followed successively by the current National Development Strategy Phase One (NDS1), all in pursuit of Vision 2030 that seeks to fulfill the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe by making it an upper middle-income economy by then and beyond. The auspicious, inclusive and transformative trajectory that the nation has taken under the astute and shrewd leadership of HE President Mnangagwa is such that even those in the Diaspora who had never thought they could start thinking and talking about going back home soon are suddenly doing so. I personally have had situations whereby most of my countrymen reach out to me through my social media handles to request information on how they can join the ruling ZANU-PF Party in the Diaspora soon after coming back from home. All of them are consistent in their reasons why they would want to join ZANU PF.

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