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Mental Health Interventions: What We Seek To Remedy, And What The Interventions Do

Mental Health: Wellbeing and Happiness Series with MoNya-Mental By Psychotherapist Mertha Mo Nyamande As we have been exploring what mental health is; its various types, categories and characteristics, it is only logical that we follow through with what the solutions or treatments to these illnesses and disorders would be. In summary, mental health refers to the gap that exists between one’s held beliefs and their reality; the bigger the gap, the more likely they are to struggle. These beliefs are what informs the thinking behind the emotions and behaviours that create whatever reality. So, whatever interventions, they seek to make sense of why that gap exists, the moral injury caused by whatever trauma and or losses, and what can be done to remedy the disparity. While we may look at these as treatments or interventions, most are a life’s journey in themselves to undo or relearn.

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