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Zimbabwe’s $3.5 billion payout: Advocate Simba Chitando

The proposed Land Compensation Court is an ideal pilot plan for Zimbabwe, where claimants can file their respective claims - securely - and efficiently - on a digital platform By Advocate Simba Chitando There is no real dispute on the issue of compensation of Zimbabwean farmers, many white, negatively affected by land reform, now accepted as irreversible. The ruling party has signed an agreement to pay 3.5 billion United States dollars to compensate them. The international community has welcomed it. The opposition did not denounce it. Notwithstanding the agreement, many farmers have not been compensated, and there is no certainty on how much each individual farmer will receive in compensation. This because compensation is not an event, but instead a process, which can still be expedited by the establishment of a special Land Compensations Court, linked to a Land Compensation Fund. In this article I shall advocate the establishment of these twin structures.

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