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The journey to conquer the Comrades Marathon is best achieved through teamwork

Many thanks to the training runs, the advice from fellow runners and the well-organised event by Loreen and the Eastview Elites By Faith Dube What started off as a simple visit to the Cimas IGo stand at an exhibition turned out to be a rude awakening. I was advised that my blood pressure was extremely high and could be fatal if I did not take charge of health and weight. That became the beginning of my running journey. The journey started off with 3km runs, gradually increasing to 10 km until I was able to run 21km comfortably. In 2019 I attempted 2 full marathons namely CBZ and Econet Victoria Falls Marathon. My times were good, clocking in 4hrs57min and 5hrs 27min, respectively. This was so encouraging and somehow gave me the odd strength to want to attempt 56km at Two Oceans and 90km at Comrades in 2020. To participate in these races, one had to qualify. The times for Two Oceans was 42km in 5hrs and for Comrades was 42km in 4hrs50min which had to be submitted in the beginning of March 2020.

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