Wasara excited by the opportunities that were opening up for him, and other presenters after he was handed the prime slot

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Filming is in full swing at the Randburg Studios of Jit Television, the new digital entertainment station which announced this month that it is going live at the beginning of August Star Sat, giving a fresh perspective to Zimbabweans in the diaspora, and primarily the business of entertainment.

While the full lists of programming and scheduling will be released in due course, we can confirm for you today that emergent newsreader Lennox Wasara will the be new face of the Jit Television Zimbabwe Digital Express News Bulletin, and will be joined by a support team of guest presenters in a new format of news dissemination on the roll-out.

Music, documentaries, soapies, interviews, business, gospel, live performances, fashion, products and services, motoring and sport will all be scheduled in a giant line-up which the station revealed this week – but only the tip of the ice-berg to a bigger merger of media assets at Jit TV.

The station was a finalist in the awarding of broadcasting licenses through the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe last year, but could not get the licence from BAZ.



But at least six other operators – including the giant Zimpapers and other applicants – were licenced.

This week the Zimbabwe Digital News completed a strategic merge of digital news media, online, portable news, the magazine division and the Sunday Express into a combined newsroom which will henceforth drive the news media product on multi-channels on JIT, with options to include indigenous language programming, documentaries, sports, business and technology reportage.

Young presenter Wasara was named, who has had stints at ENCA, Tshwane TV and on radio stations, get his big break as the new face of television news, where he will pick up everything front hard news presenting, to interviews and high profile events.

Wasara told Digital Sunday Express that he was excited by the opportunities that were opening up for him after he was handed the prime slot, adding that he would be grounded with the news, as this was an important role that he was going to fill.

“We are creating new styles of new presentation and with the partnership with Digital Sunday Express we will give a different story to news about Zimbabweans in the diaspora. There are so many stories out there, but so few storytellers. With the rolling out of this news programme on JIT, we are changing the narratives,” said Wasara.

Station manager Lindani Selepe said that Jit was coming to the market at a difficult time as the young station was getting its breakthrough right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the station had to adapt to the demands of Covid-19 protocols.

“Filming television, anyone will tell you, is not child’s play. Running a whole station is quite another. Try doing that during Covid-19, and you will see what I mean. But we are excited about what is coming through. There is a lot of content coming through right now, and we just need to set up and perfect our content management systems.



“Many young talents are coming through and we are confident that Wasara will lead the news coverage to new levels. There are many more presenters taking different other programmes. We have a big one with Addlyne Mackenzie recording Tinotaura Zvatinoda. Filing is in full swing there. We will release the full profiles of the programmes, and the programme hosts as soon as all the schedules are in place. Nguva Yasvika,” she said.

She added that bringing Zimbabwean cultures to the world, and bringing world cultures to Zimbabwe was a great opportunity in content sharing at Jit, and not only would the station open up the continent’s news to the world, but also the news of the continent to the world through digital technologies.

Jit JV is the brainchild of former SABC marketing executive and veteran broadcaster Colin Mackenzie who was instrumental in setting up SABC Entertainment Encore and DTT terrestrial migration.

He was General Manager of SABC and ran whole operational structure of SABC Africa on the terrestrial platforms and DStv bouquets, and through his roles to set up platforms for transition from analog to digital.






His models have been replicated to create other similar channels and through growing the content offering of the SABC and introducing stand-alone channels in the form of SABC Kids, Sports, Movies and Multi Channels.

Collin’s career spans over 15 years at the public broadcaster, in various departments, including roles within sales, sponsorship and account management of various key clients and stakeholders, Collin has a strong ability to identify partnership’s that drive sales and maximize marketing and revenue opportunities for both clients, corporates and key stakeholders respectively.

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Veteran broadcast executive Collin Peter Mackenzie gets ready for lift off with Just In Time Television


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