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The Sunday Express News Bulletin: Dramatic week of pro-Jacob Zuma protests

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Digital Sunday Express Lennox Wasara named as the face of Jit Television Sunday Express News Bulletin 1. Lennox Wasara Named as the Face of Jit Television  Sunday Express News Bulletin 2. The journey to conquer the Comrades Marathon, begins with your running mates 3. $3.5 billion payout should include black farmers 4. Dissecting Zimbabwe's forex auction system 5. Mental Health Interventions 6. We are the only party with a clear ideology for Zimbabwe 7. Chinese perform another spacewalk, on low orbit 8. From President to Jail, Jacob Zuma writes a new chapter of politics 9. All Hail Gareth Southgate 10.

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