Who hired Loga in the first place? Is it not ZIFA? As fans, we must angry,  and worried about our pathetic showing at this tournament

By Terrence Mwedzi

Yes, the Warriors coach Logarusic “Loga” Zdravko is wrong in many ways but ZIFA is another epidemic.

It is disgusting to note that Zimbabwe finished the 20th Edition of the COSAFA Cup tournament without a win. What a paradox. What a shame, a great shame!

These are tough moments for us football pundits because we have a good record of winning these COSAFA tournaments. What went wrong?

Of course, Loga must be shown the exit door but that does not mean everything will start to fall in place after that.

Who hired Loga in the first place? Is it not ZIFA? As fans, we must angry and worried and what surprised me is that they never questioned his coaching skills before. Which club did Loga coach before he came here? His coaching record is strange.

If truth be told, ZIFA can not run away from this disaster they are also involved and there is room for improvement, but we must learn to face reality and speak the truth to change narratives in the football fraternity.ZIFA is involved.

As l pen this crucial piece, Loga has just one victory in twelve games since he took control of the Warriors which is sad.

I must admit that the Warriors were placed in a tough group of the COSAFA Cup tournament this year because teams like Senegal have been playing football since yesteryear.





But on the other hand, Namibia has not had an active league since 2019 because of Covid-19 induced lockdown same as Zimbabwe but they managed to beat us 2-0 in the Cosafa Cup tournament match played in Port Elizabeth recently. We failed to win a single match at the COSAFA Cup tournament this year What’s wrong with us?

And to make matters worse, Senegal had teenagers in their team. The youngest in the Warriors squad is 22.

Furthermore, it was the same story at the CHAN finals in January where we failed to win even a single match.

Here are key areas that contributed to the Warriors’ fall

  • Loga’s poor team selection
  • Poor preparations
  • The suspension of football in Zimbabwe
  • ZIFA’ confusion

So we should not blame LOGA for everything-but he must be sucked.
In this vein, I strongly believe that a local coach can give us something to smile about.

I’m not saying local coaches are best but are better than foreign coaches… and history speaks for itself. I hope ZIFA will not make the silly mistake to hire a foreign coach again. Let’s prioritise soccer always.

Let’s develop our local for football.

Foreign coaches are not good for a number of reasons. Is Loga came to Zimbabwe to do experiments? No! Remember we are talking about national duty. So we need to win.

We need a coach that can lead us to our promised land. We can’t waste money on foreign coaches who are doing less to change the football narratives in Zimbabwe. Our football is in bad shape now. It boggles the mind.

We don’t hate them, but we hate the poor results. We need to smile all the way.

l understand, in football, we lose, we draw, we win. But if losing matches becomes our daily bread then we must be worried and very angry.

So Loga must be sacked, but ZIFA must put its house in order. They are not serious.




ZIFA President Felton Kamambo and his crew should give us something to smile about. Their comical display is cause for concern. We need to be serious. We need to believe in ourselves.

Surely The Warriors played not to expectations. Personally, I am very worried.

We must be serious because if we are not careful of these setbacks we will live with us. Our football is really stressful.

Mistakes need to be corrected now.

I urge the football-loving fans to look deeper into this matter but put emotions aside.

Because l know there are some soccer fans who have been patiently waiting for this moment to blame/blast LOGA for everything. The negative criticism is too much out there.

Loga also made us to qualify for AFCON he should be applauded for that but ZIFA should not keep him. Because l don’t see us going somewhere as a nation in terms of football.

There is no guesswork or miracles in the game of football. l think we need a collective effort.

Terrence Mwedzi is a football pundit, poet, and writer. He writes to the Digital Sunday Express in his personal capacity and can be contacted on: +27 61 137 0088. Email: moontafadzwa@gmail.com












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