Meet some of the high profile actresses that are coming through to Hogerty Hill Sunshine City

By Quincy Kasese

Welcome this week to the Q-Cash column on Jit TV and Zimbabwe Digital Express. I am so loving the integration that we are putting together on these platforms to bring together text and scriptwriting into broadcast and television.

This week we focus on the latest trend of influencers and brand ambassadors

Have you scrolled through Instagram and instantly felt as though a parallel universe of superfit gorgeous mouth-watering females with skin that lacks any form of blemish or disfiguration exists?

Well I would not blame you for feeling that way because IG World or other the social media realm being mainly Instagram Tick-Tock, Snapchat and Facebook is a super competitive arena of the glitz and glamour.

The photography is high quality, the brands are high-end, the focus is to capture your mind into a fantasy world that has no skirmishes unless of course you are a part of the elite class a cheese boy as they would say in township slang.






Yolanda Makaya is a Zimbabwean actress poet model and influencer from the uptown suburb of Borrowdale and at 24 she is set to become one of the main characters in an upcoming Zimbabwean soapy called Hogerty Hill Sunshine City.

The name might ring familiar as she is the older sister to Hillary Makaya the multi award winning Zimbabwean model who has been trending on Zimbabwean celebrity news and who also had a song dedicated to her by Enzo Ishal who is claiming the throne in Zim Hip hop circles.

One thing is for sure and that being winning runs in the Makaya sisters blood.

Hillary Makaya is currently based in South Africa and is currently undertaking professional acting classes for  Hogerty Hill Sunshine City, and will be a big deal as this production is set to break all sorts of records in local filming being an up-market production that has already attracted a star-studded cast.

The one advantage we might say covid-19 brought is that it induced an awakening amongst entertainment circles all of a sudden one had to raise their game as the competition stiffened with new players bringing in competitive programs.

The mere fact that covid-19 meant that people would be locked in their houses due to lockdowns was a blessing in disguise for creatives whom an opportunity to create great entertainment had presented itself.




Covid-19 restrictions meant that performing artists could no longer do live shows but instead would have to go virtual this is the very reason that somewhat cracked a whip on Zimbabwean artists to up their game in terms of visuals and standards!!

Back to my subject Yollanda Makaya is a brilliant example of the fine things to come out of Zimbabwe she is young focused and about to take the world by storm don’t say I never warned you in fact watch this space as we transcend from old celebrities and influencers to New age celebrities that know how to capitalise on the latest styles and trends indeed exciting times lie ahead of us and Zimbabwe with all its troubles is not lagging behind when it comes to new innovations.

Hogerty Hill Sunshine City will be available on a new vibrant TV station JIT TV that launches in August 2021 and is set to hit a screen near you very soon.

So stay tuned, I will be on The Sunday Express News more often, and on Jit Television, and also there is a roll out that is taking place at Hogerty Hill Soap Opera and on Q-Cash the One which is on radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Touch Tomorrow.



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