Sibo started off as a humble domestic worker – but is now running a sophisticated spice business network throughout Southern Africa

By Aubrey Mavhuli

Start-up selling herbs and spices positions itself as both a lifeline for people who lost their jobs in the recession and as a vehicle to fight Covid 19.

Sibongile Matembo of Delish Herbs and Spices has introduced a lifeline for many entrepreneurs stuck in this lockdown and recession due to Covid 19.

She has extended her own thriving business to countless other entrepreneurs stuck for ideas.

She is a manufacturer and a wholesaler in the herbs and spices business in South Africa.

“The thing is, if you loose your job today you want a business that you can start today and earn today with less barriers to entry”, she says with confidence written all over her face.

“I have been manufacturing and distributing herbs and spices all over Southern Africa for years now,” she says.

Initially when she started, she was in a partnership with a friend but later broke it off and went solo.

She started off supplying only Zimbabwe but now has grown to supply a group of southern African countries.

“It wasn’t always easy, but I am glad we have weathered many storms and have grown to this stage where we are now helping other entrepreneurs start their own herbs and spices reseller businesses,” Sibongile adds.

“We offer entrepreneurs from all walks of life an opportunity to either start from scratch or to add on to their existing business. Some of our clients are tuckshops, small retail shops in and out of South Africa and just home businesses looking for extra income to supplement severely affected family incomes due to the pandemic.”

Sibo – as she is affectionately known in her circles explains. “Spices and herbs have become essential nowadays,” she adds. “In this pandemic as many of the elements in the various spices and herbs such as garlic, ginger, turmeric have immune-boosting capabilities that help our bodies fight many diseases and sicknesses”.

She writes a Facebook page to conscientise prospects for business and families on the value of her herbs and spices as well as how to start and run the spices and herbs business profitably.

She is a very determined woman who started off as a house helper but has now grown to be a thriving entrepreneur, supplying a sophisticated spice export business with clients all over Southern Africa and with prospects t go continental.


Asked on how she balances her entrepreneurial role of running a growing business and being a mother and a wife, she says: “The three are equally important to me.

“That’s why balance and clear communication with all parties involved is essential to make it all work.”

“The sky is not even the limit,” she says as a parting shot. “Only your imagination can limit you.”

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Sibongile Matembo is an entrepreneur, mother, and wife running a Herbs and Spices business in Johannesburg.

















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