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Sibo started off as a humble domestic worker - but is now running a sophisticated spice business network throughout Southern Africa By Aubrey Mavhuli Start-up selling herbs and spices positions itself as both a lifeline for people who lost their jobs in the recession and as a vehicle to fight Covid 19. Sibongile Matembo of Delish Herbs and Spices has introduced a lifeline for many entrepreneurs stuck in this lockdown and recession due to Covid 19. She has extended her own thriving business to countless other entrepreneurs stuck for ideas. She is a manufacturer and a wholesaler in the herbs and spices business in South Africa. “The thing is, if you loose your job today you want a business that you can start today and earn today with less barriers to entry”, she says with confidence written all over her face. “I have been manufacturing and distributing herbs and spices all over Southern Africa for years now," she says. Initially when she started, she was in a partnership with a friend but later broke it off and went solo. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); She started off supplying only Zimbabwe but now has grown to supply a group of

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