The Forbidden Favour, If Only It Was Cloaked In the Name Of Emotional Abuse

When she entered the sitting room, she saw him talking and laughing with the children By Nhamo Muchagumisa Mrs Nyakuenda slowly realised that her life had been easier without protection. The tide had even tilted further towards her, while the court order seemed to have empowered her husband. His emotional independence was the first discernible indicator of how the godemned document was working in his favour. He seemed to have forgotten his husband and wife favours, or was he too upset to ask? Mrs Nyakuenda on the other hand lacked the confidence to remind him that he still had the right to ask. She too had the right to ask, but she was afraid of being rebuffed. Their marriage had been solemnised on the basis of the two becoming equals in holy matrimony, but the protection order had created inequality between them. The advantage she had gained over her husband was working to her disadvantage. Nyakuenda's silence was the greatest onslaught on Mrs Nyakuenda's emotions. His angry tirade was more tolerable than his silence.

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