Mataz shows flashes of his broadcast self in a series of promos, promising that he is loaded with 80s, 90s, and 2000 hits – but would also take requests, and dedications

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Veteran Zimbabwean broadcaster Tichafa Matambanadzo has made a high profile appearance at Jit Television – ahead of the station’s upcoming launch in August.

Shooting is underway at the station’s Randburg studios. Trailers, posters and workflows are already on the production schedule, with the emergent station saying that it is going to change the Zimbabwean entertainment industry in the immediate future, through blending top talents and youth into modernist digital entertainment.

“Hello everybody how are you doing. My name is Tich Mataz. What it is, like it is. Zvazviri. It’s so good to be back. I gotta tell you it’s gonna be a hot show.

“This is the Razz Matazz, where we gonna be looking at the best in videos and music from way back in the 80s, 90s, 2k and a whole lot more.



“So how better to get into the show, I would like to bring to you possibly the biggest band of all time. They are currently touring the States as well as the UK in summer. Talking about Shalamar’s classic line-up of Howard Hewett, Jody Watley, and Jeffrey Daniel. Unfortunately, Jody Watkley decided to do something totally different with his life, and in came Carolyn Griffey.

“So we are going to make this show, a show to remember,” Mataz said in a series of videos shared with Jit Television this week.

Matambanadzo showed flashes his broadcast self in the promos, promising that he was bringing a brand new version to the Razz Matazz programme, and spent the better half of the stream of videos talking about the quality of the content and stars that he would be bringing to Jit TV – but would also taking  dedications, special requests and the latest in the world of showbiz.

Details of the full rollout programme were not immediately released, but Matambanadzo looked sharp and teased sections of the viewers, listeners and followers that if any of them had ever used an analogue phone, a Kodak camera, and a VHS to watch footage: therefore: “You are officially old, and this is your kind of show,” he said with a smile.



The Razz Matazz with Tich Mataz will be a variety entertainment show, and while the details of its format were not immediately available, big game names were mentioned at random in Matambanadzo’s promo videos, dropping names such Sean Combs, George Michael, Mary J Blige and some classics productions as “Candy”, a song by funk group Cameo, released as the second single from their 1986 album Word Up.

Other names that did not escape his attention are the billionaires of the entertainment industry  – Jay-Z, Kanye West and also the influential Bad Boy Records in the greater mix of target content.

Other names dropped included Black Box – the Italian house music group popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s made up of club DJ Daniele Davoli, classically trained clarinet teacher Valerio Semplici, and keyboardist and electronic musician Mirko Limoni.

Mataz ended his Jit TV promotion saying that too many people were succumbing to Corona Virus and it was time for everyone else to follow Coronavirus protocols, mask up, wash their hands, and make sure they keep safe distances as a way of fighting the virus.

“Well then, when a man gotta go, he gotta go. I will also tell you if Tony Braxton some to visit, her father will marry us, even my wife knows,” he said, and then signed out.



Last week as reported only of The Sunday Express, Lennox Wasara was named as Jit Television’s face of the News Bulletin alongside a host of other names that are lining up to present content on the new station.

Jit TV is the brainchild of former SABC marketing executive and broadcaster Colin Mackenzie who was instrumental in setting up SABC Entertainment Encore and DTT terrestrial migration.

He was General Manager of SABC and ran the whole operational structure of SABC Africa on the terrestrial platforms and DStv bouquets, and through his roles to set up platforms for transition from analog to digital.

His models have been replicated to create other similar channels and through growing the content offering of the SABC and introducing stand-alone channels in the form of SABC Kids, Sports, Movies and Multi Channels.

Collin’s career spans over 15 years at the public broadcaster, in various departments, including roles within sales, sponsorship and account management of various key clients and stakeholders, Collin has a strong ability to identify partnership’s that drive sales and maximise marketing and revenue opportunities for both clients, corporates and key stakeholders respectively.




Veteran broadcast executive Collin Peter Mackenzie gets ready for lift off with Just In Time Television


Exclusive: Lennox Wasara named as the new face of Jit Television News Bulletin




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