Intombi yakwaMshengu strikes rapport with Wasara on Jit News Bulletin programme, and promises all sides of the story

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Jit Television and Zimbabwe Digital Express news programming is in full swing at the Randburg studios in Johannesburg and fresh faces are coming on set every new day – claiming their space on this brand new television channel.

This week’s new arrival is journalist and news broadcaster Nokuthula Tshabalala, who is joining the Sunday Express Jit Television News Bulletin to take up a coveted slot as a co-presenter with Lennox Wasara.

Tshabalala told the Digital Sunday Express that while she had presented a number of news programmes over the years – this opportunity that had opened up for her at Jit TV was an auspicious opportunity.

“I am completely humbled and excited at the same time, as I’m going to be joining the likes Wasara on set.

“We have run two dry runs already and Wasara’s own presense on the bulletin has made my experience here at Jit TV a walk in the park. He kept saying to me backstage that it is a challenge that I must relish, and indeed I have grabbed it with both hands,” she said.





“I am grateful to the station for affording me this opportunity, and all that the viewers need to do is to watch this space,” said Tshabalala.

The newscaster – who was born in the dusty streets of Umlazi in KwaZulu Natal, said her love for journalism stemmed from yearning for truth, spreading it, to correcting issues of society.

Tshabalala started her journalism career at a community radio station, Durban Youth Radio in KZN back in 2003.

“I believe that we have a responsibility as a media industry to ensure that all members of society are given a chance to give all sides of the story, and without media, none of that would be possible,” she said.

“We aim to produce and present credible news, give all sides and give a voice to the viewers. It’s all about telling tell a different narrative from the one that is told by social media platforms, to connect communities and be factual.”

Tshabalala said that she had been in broadcasting industry for over 13 years, and gave all credit to her late mother, who she says taught her resilience and that hard work pays off.

She says her mother had a lot to do with the shaping of who she is today.




Tshabalala studied journalism at the Durban University of Technology, before joining a number of radio stations in Durban. She says she fell in love with broadcasting at an early age, watching and listening to the likes of Khanyi Dlomo, now CEO of Ndalo media.

She says at first she fell in love with the glamorous side of this career, and then later got more interested in the storytelling side of this business.

“We are going to show a few players in the industry a few new things. For now, let’s not say a lot. We are making good strides in the preparations, and when we go live, it will be all systems go. Nguva Yasvika.”




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