The traceable influence of Gibbo in Village Secrets, and the new partnership with Jit Television

We are happy to make a decision to travel our journey together with Jit TV as our new partner in broadcasting and distributor of our content to the audience Digital Sunday Express This week the Digital Sunday Express caught up with top Zimbabwean film director Leornard Chibamu and spoke to him about the flagship Village Secrets series which is now in season eight, and drawing perhaps the single biggest viewership of any standalone local production. The series is drawing up to eight million viewers per week on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, running on primetime and showcasing a mix of youth and veterans in its cast and production crew. Last year after the death of popular comedian Gringo - who was playing Gibbo in the production, the directors of the film made a decision to continue the role of the actor, and even when he contracted cancer and was ill, the script was adjusted to include the true-life story of the Gringo. This week news reached Zimbabwe Digital Express that Chibamu will be coming through to Jit Television in a film distribution partnership that would open up new facilities for the growth of Village Secrets and other upcoming works. You are

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