Fiction: Deafening Whispers: Student-teacher drops dead after an overdose of alcohol

“See page 3”, and on the cited page were photos of him, leaping out of the metal coffin, darting down Chitungo Road, then sinking into the pothole By Nhamo Muchagumisa Emma’s uninterrupted visits to the sickroom caused Melvin to think that he had fallen into an endless dream which hosted other dreams within its endless span. Her voice, like a baby angel’s, fresh like apple juice lingered in his mind long after she had left the room. Emma never forgot to send her face to him every night as if to stop Melvin from slipping into the world of the deceased. The only sensible thing Emma should have done was to unconditionally terminate her relationship with Melvin as he had turned out to be a great embarrassment to her. That is what everyone, boy or girl, who knew about their relationship thought. But to Emma, that was the thinking of average minds. She had to be at her best when he was at his worst. A dark cloud had landed on Melvin’s prospects when a police van had driven to the gate of Elise Gledhill High School in Sakubva to collect his remains.

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