Newsmakers meet news presenters at News Bulletin, and Jimmy Jimmalo set to act as himself on Jit Television

Jit TV plays its cards close to the chest, but releases an exciting lineup of hosts and presenters in August roll-out The Sunday Express This week Jit Television played some cards and posted a series of its early cast - and one is already spoilt for choice come full release. A soft launch is underway this August, and judging by the programmes that are on the productionline - its game on for broadcasting in Zimbabwe, in South Africa and throughout the continent. Asara Asara. Just In Time. As reported exclusively on This - The Sunday Express - Tichafa Matambanandzo was revealed as the high-profile presenter and host - and is bringing his vast experience in entertainment to Jit TV - with the Raz Mataz. Soon Jit will be talking directly with the luminaries of the world of glitz and glamour - and Mataz himself said "Zvazviri... zvazviri ... not once, not twice....

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