Jit TV plays its cards close to the chest, but releases an exciting lineup of hosts and presenters in August roll-out

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This week Jit Television played some cards and posted a series of its early cast – and one is already spoilt for choice come full release. A soft launch is underway this August, and judging by the programmes that are on the productionline – its game on for broadcasting in Zimbabwe, in South Africa and throughout the continent.

Asara Asara. Just In Time. As reported exclusively on This – The Sunday Express – Tichafa Matambanandzo was revealed as the high-profile presenter and host – and is bringing his vast experience in entertainment to Jit TV – with the Raz Mataz.

Soon Jit will be talking directly with the luminaries of the world of glitz and glamour – and Mataz himself said “Zvazviri… zvazviri … not once, not twice…. and dropped names such as Sean Combs, George Michael, Mary J Blige on his speed dial – including the billionaires of the entertainment industry – Jay-Z, Kanye West, the influential Bad Boy as some of the acts that he is bringing to Jit through music and dedications.


His poster reads: Flashback to the Golden Oldies

As reported again on The Sunday Express, ZBC’s Village Secrets has climbed on board after sealing a content distribution deal, meaning that top director Leornard Chibamu’s series – which featured the ‘brought to life again’ Gringo as Gibbo on set – is now going to channel the 6 million viewers per week soapie in Zimbabwe to the continent.

Village Secrets poster reads: Don’t Expose Us

Fafa Chirasha and Audrey Chiwara’s show – Oasis – is on the production and the religion show is set on a laidback garden setting, where the two share the stage and take the viewers on a prayerful offering, and where the spirituality is defined through voice, act, gesture and new styles of presenting drawing from both presenters’ backgrounds in music.

The poster reads: Quench Your Spiritual Thirst

This week news was confirmed that prominent Cape Town Zimbabwean businessman Jimmy Jimmalo would host, present and act himself in a slapstick Zimbabwean film showing how Zimbabweans had traversed the world into the different diaspora – but had maintained their identity throughout in the foreign lands.


Jimmalo told The Sunday Express that the Jit concept was long-overdue in the Zimbabwean broadcasting, where Zimbabweans who had been globalised got a chance to break barriers and act themselves out.

Many people had advanced their tastes in music, culinary delights, sports, hobbies, and careers. “But it is when you hear those same people talking ghetto language that you realise the humour and fun that our people are. So watch this space. The Jimmy Jimmalo show will surprise many. We have been having calls from UK, US and we are saying: Tirikuuya,” Jimmalo said.

His poster reads: Authentic Lifestyle Show Connecting With The Diaspora All Over The World

Sonia Black is presenting: One The Beat, The Q-Cash show: Expected The Unexpected, Addlyne Hencil’s Ndinotaura Zvandinoda, What’s On The Menu Machikichori Show with Rebecca, and The News Bulletin with Lennox Wasara and Thuli Tshabalala are also on the schedule which rolled out the website jit-tv.tv this week.

Apart from presenting the news, Wasara himself turned newsmaker the news this week after winning the 2021 Radio Awards for his show The Black Umbrellas Business Show which airs on TUKS FM. The 24-year-old presenter said he was truly humbled to have won such an award at this stage of his career.

This came on the same stage where the show is now rated alongside industry greats like the Bruce Whitfield Money Show, Kaya Bizz with Gugulethu Mfuphi and MetroTalk with Ayabonga.

After two successful dry runs, News Bulletin held its third this week – and we received our first live guests in studio – Free Zim Congress president Joseph Makamba Busha, and Advocate Simba Chitando who is a regular on The Sunday Express.

On Zoom we took our first three live interviews, discussing Chinese technologies and global influence with Asia Correspondent Julius Shamu, diaspora news with Jimmalo, and Zimbabwean bandleader, music promoter, and events manager Ndowa Simba Saini who has launched a new wine label which is expected to hit the shelves in the coming weeks.

Stay Tuned

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