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What started off as an idea and a phone call: is now going live on StarSat this August

Delay is Not Denial. Against all odds, Just In Time Television is set to go live on StarSat this August 2021 By Memory Tongogara The JIT TV concept was born through a lazy Sunday afternoon discussion which became a long-term goal. This goal cried out for an action plan which was eventually put in place; it became more and more real as the talk of a TV station became a daily routine. Proposals were drawn: plans were put together. A way forward became inevitable. It started with a phone conversation when Meme Tongogara said to Collin Mackenzie: “I am thinking of setting up a TV station in Zimbabwe.” Mackenzie laughed so hard that Meme thought that her idea was a dumb one! “Are you serious, right now?” Mackenzie asked. Meme almost withdrew her statement, until Collin said: “That is exactly what I am thinking about, Mbuya! Let’s do this!” Relieved that her idea was not a dumb one, after all, Meme sighed loudly.

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