A community fund raiser to forget, but Leicester create some lasting memories

Pep Guardiola has always said he considers it to be a fully-fledged trophy. But his lineup told another story By Paul Doyle As a fundraiser it is a worthy event, even in a half-full stadium. But the Community Shield as a contest and spectacle is mostly worthless, especially when one of the teams – in this case Manchester City – deploys a skeletal side because many of their players are making their way back from tournaments that matter to them. Even its symbolic value as a curtain-raiser feels forced, like new socks on Father’s Day, something no one particularly wants but most accept out of politeness. A rethink of the format is in order. Or the teams could just make a donation to good causes and save everyone the bother of turning up for a half-speed chore in a cluttered schedule. It was not always like this. It used to be worse . . . and then for a while better.

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