The human body has 15 trillion cells, with unique functions. Some develop into hair strands, while others develop into bone/teeth, tissue, and blood elements

Mertha Mo Nyamande

This week on The Sunday Express we look at the elimination process whereby the body gets rid of waste or excess biological matter, that become toxins including synthetic ones if not gotten rid of.

When we eat or ingest any substance, the food is processed into energy/nutrients that our bodies need and use for various functions.

Each organ has different functions and therefore different needs; just like various professions and trades require different tools to perform their tasks.

Similarly, the 15 trillion cells in the human body have unique functions, some develop into hair strands, while others develop into bone/teeth, tissue, and blood elements, etc.

As some of these cells die off, the elimination process also helps to cleanse these out of the body to make room for the new cells. Poor elimination creates different other ailments including confusion, headaches, nausea, cancers, and associated acids in the gut (gastrointestinal tract), that most people are familiar with.


In/Continence issues

Continence is the body’s ability to control elimination and the rate thereof. When one becomes incontinent, there are several issues to consider, especially in childhood as well as the elderly where there is very little understanding or attention given to the internal functions of the body.

That said, it is also particularly crucial for the adult of working age to also pay attention to these functions and listening to their bodies’ needs and understand why certain events occur:


Firstly, Allergies

Allergies are responsible for several unexplained physical behaviours, including elimination and skin conditions as well as associated anxieties around these issues.

This can also play a part in how people cannot eat a wide range of foods, some of which may not necessarily be allergies, but the anxiety makes it difficult for the individual to understand or explain.

Allergies usually come in the form of high frequency of elimination, then stops after several visits to the toilet or following an allergic reaction, while this is uncomfortable and embarrassing during the day, it can be worse in the night when one is trying to get comfortable and keeps being woken up every few minutes as the body tries to get rid of whatever toxins the allergy creates.

Similar issues are also observed with people who suffer with diabetes as the excess sugars that need to be eliminated from the body as quickly as possible and can be seen with the increased irritability, urinary urgency or poor control of defaecation.

So, when someone has allergies that are not properly identified and or managed, the usual problem is they will continue to be exposed to the toxic or concentrated foods, topical creams, or whatever the substance. What that then does is cause ongoing damage to the associated organs.


Secondly, Anxiety

This refers to the fear of some issue or individual, having been frightened as a way of managing incontinence. In most cases involving children, the child would have been physically or sexually abused or assaulted and thereby develops a fear of anything remotely associated with toileting or the genitalia or whatever the organ in question.

Anxieties are closely associated with gut health, secrete excess adrenaline or stomach acids that create issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Disorder IBS/IBD, leading to continence problems.

The constant secretion of adrenaline to manage the Flight, Freight, Freeze response comes with its own associated complications, which include poor appetite and reduced dietary intake.

This creates compaction of faeces, forming constipation, as a result of excessive fluid being used for the production of adrenaline and frequent urination, neither is there enough internal pressure that would encourage elimination.

Lastly, The combination of the 2 factors where the individual has an allergy and then becomes harassed, embarrassed and abused or assaulted to stop the behaviour without understanding the cause complicates the response.



The main causes of elimination problems are complex, but mainly around how much is eaten versus what is eliminated allergies, and possible associations with excessive fear or phobia of germs and Obsessive Compulsions in OCD and other anxiety disorders.


Problems with poor elimination is associated with bad constitution of the skin, leaving marks and pimples, some cancers can result where these toxins cannot find porous ways out of the body.

Elimination issues can lead to more difficult health issues like hernias, piles, re largely identified by diverticulitis with common symptoms as bloating, blood in stools, changes in bowel habits, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, or flatulence.

Whole-body chills, fever, loss of appetite or leg cramps are also common.

The issues referred to as birthmarks are also such resulting consequences.

People with continence and elimination issues often struggle with self-esteem and confidence, due to the embarrassment these issues cause.

Trouble with taking such issues to medical practitioners is that they are likely to prescribe more toxins that will create other issues with their side effect profiles, than help explain why these issues exist.


Remedies and recommendations

Management of elimination issues is a lifelong endeavour to ensure intake of balanced diets and handling of any allergic reactions as well as anxiety disorders.

Many people avoid dealing with these issues, thereby such problems fester into bigger and more complex problems. So, essentially sticking to the basics; eating a balanced diet, including fluids encourage regular elimination and a stable mental state.



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