This virus was created with a purpose to prepare for the world’s greatest terror that has never happened since the beginning

By Bhekani Dube

Good morning dear reader, how are you? Hoping that you are fine. Let me take you to the Bible on Revelations chapter 13 – what it means for those who would like to know more.

“The New World Order.” According to the Bible in Revelations 13, there will be a kingdom (of which we already see America as the headmaster of the world.) Which will force people to worship the devil.

They will do it in a spiritual way so that the whole world will follow without doubt. They have already created this chaos of Covid 19 in preparation of the New world order.

This pandemic had killed millions of people, and everyone now understands that indeed there is a problem we are facing on earth. However, no one seems to know the solution, the creators of this chaos think that they have it.

A video is circulating that says this vaccine will turn people into Zombies. I am not a scientist, so I will not challenge the guy who narrates and interprets in that video. But I will challenge him with the word of God, for it is the two-edged sword that has never failed.

People shouldn’t get carried away with such videos, because the ones who are preaching are at work to confuse the whole world.



These zombies this guy is talking about sounds like it’s real zombies. Actually they are talking about Christians that they will kill confusing the whole world and making them to believe that for sure people have turned into Zombies.

How will they do this?

By putting laws of “United States Sunday. “Whoever will worship God on another day except Sunday will be labelled as the offender who disobeys God. They will punish the culprits in a cruel way.

This was prepared a long time ago, that is why every country was told to create concentration camps. In South Africa we have Lindela prepared for that moment.

Almost every country in the world has erected structures for that scene, you may not know, but as preachers of the gospel of the kingdom of God, we preached about this a long time ago.

In Daniel 2 we have Nebuchadnezzar’ s dream that shows the four monarchs of the world. The image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream tells us that the last kingdom, which is Roman empire, will not be defeated by any other kingdom on earth, instead it will be divided into ten kingdoms.



These are the ten kingdoms as per the interpretation of Daniel:

1. Anglo Saxons
2. Frank’s
3. Allemans
4. Burgundians
5. Visgoths
6. Suevi
7. Vandals
8. Heruli
9. Bavarians
10. Ostrogoths


We know this happened right? Ten kingdoms were seen in Europe, some were partly strong and some were partly weak. Three out of these kingdoms are now extinct according to the interpretation of Daniel, the dream eventually came true.

We are now living in a period of time where Daniel 2, 4, 7, and Daniel 9 are already fulfilled, and in the last chapter of Daniel, he was told to close the book, he will never understand what he was seeing.

The Apostle John upon writing the book of Revelations, the same letter that Daniel was told to close, we see it being opened and revealing all the events that are taking place on this planet.

Going back to the topic of today, let us dwell on this virus that is causing havoc in the world. Why did they release it on their Laboratories? It is because it’s about time.



It’s about time the word of God is fulfilled, and it’s about time the son of God shall stand in the heavenly temple and prepare for his second advent to take his own home.

This virus was created with a purpose to prepare for the world’s greatest terror that has never happened since the beginning.

Those Christians who worship God and keep the seventh day Sabbath (Saturday) will be burnt alive, put in prisons, made to recant their faith in public on national television.


The term United States Sunday has 6 letters in each word. Thus;

●United >>6


This is the triple six that Revelation 13 talks about. Since it says the number 666 will be of a man and of the beast, the beast according to the Bible stands for the kingdom, which I have told you above.

And the man becomes none other than he who says he is the Vicar of Christ ( standing on behalf of Christ on earth.) Who is that man? Of course the Pope.

Now listen, the title of the Pope is known in Latin language as “Vicarious Fili Dei” which means the suffered son of God.


Those who know Roman numerals can add and it will give you 666, Jesus Christ is coming very soon. He who was lukewarm, let him revive his faith, for it is the time when the later rain shall be poured on earth.

When it comes, it will depend on your faith, if you are lukewarm, not knowing what you believe, neither Christ or the world, you will be weighed and shall be found wanting.

When the sun is too hot, the volcanoes errupt, while the wilderness becomes more hard, the tar gets strong, but other substances melt. So will be the pouring of the later rain. It will revive others while others will be more stubborn and be on the side of the devil.

May the good Lord keep us safe in these trying times in our lifetime.


Bhekani Dube is an author, a preacher, a poet and a columnist in the Sunday Express. The views expressed are his and do not represent the editorial position of Digital Sunday Express.







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